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Ignion to Transform the IoT Design Process with AWS

Ignion, a Barcelona-based IoT antenna pioneer, announced the debut of the Antenna Intelligence Cloud, which brings the cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities of the cloud to the antenna domain. The new Antenna Intelligence Cloud-based solution, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services and the strength and flexibility of its unique Virtual Antenna technology, can reduce antenna design time from days or weeks to minutes.

Ignion and AWS will continue to collaborate in order to provide technologies that would help accelerate the global development of IoT projects.

Ignion developed the design and simulation platform on AWS to help IoT developers correctly and quickly integrate Virtual Antenna technology into their own products, resulting in a more reliable and predictable antenna integration process in any IoT device and reduced development cost time to market. The Antenna Intelligence Cloud core incorporates machine learning based on years of expertise and hundreds of designs produced. As a result, the simulated performance is highly similar to that obtained with a real-world end product.

The breadth and depth of the AWS cloud offering allows us to provide access to our Virtual Antenna™ portfolio while delivering a full end-to-end RF design solution to significantly accelerate IoT product development and improve product ROI. By creating your IoT antenna solution with the support of Ignion's Antenna Intelligence Cloud, your product design cycle is shortened and optimized with market leading predictability and flexibility,"

Jaap Groot, Chief Executive Officer at Ignion.

Given the rapid and radical changes in how RF systems are developed, the Antenna Intelligence Cloud is perfectly positioned to become the new platform that powers innovation and variety of any IoT end product. The Antenna Intelligence Cloud combines cutting-edge simulation with machine learning to eliminate actual hardware development requirements. There is an existing need for precise and reliable design assistance for the IoT ecosystem, especially because every design is unique, and there are constant new needs owing to 5G, Wi-Fi6E, LoRaWAN, or UWB, and often devices that contain multiple radios.

Ignion is a leader in the antenna industry, designing, manufacturing, and commercializing small off-the-shelf antennas for IoT, mobile connectivity, and short-range wireless devices. Ignion's objective is to use out-of-the-box antenna solutions to advance IoT and empower the ecosystem.



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