InfluxData Announces New Customers and Accelerated Momentum in Industrial Data and Internet of Things

InfluxData | February 16, 2022

InfluxData, creator of the leading time series platform InfluxDB, today announced accelerated momentum in Industrial Data and Internet of Things (IoT) driven by new customers, product enhancements and expanded industrial partnerships fueled by the growth of time series data. Customers including Tesla, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Teck, Graco and Graphite Energy are using InfluxDB to collect industrial data from devices and sensors.

“Time series data has become critical to success in any industrial setting,” said Paul Dix, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, InfluxData. “Specialized IoT platforms powered by time series data provide a real-time digital view into past, current and future operational performance. InfluxDB was purpose-built to manage the variety, volume and velocity of IoT data, and we will continue to deliver features that improve the experience for developers working with data at this scale.”

New InfluxDB enhancements for IoT and IIoT applications
InfluxData is releasing key features to expedite IoT and Industrial IoT application building. New capabilities deliver a more intuitive experience for developers and engineers working with time series data at the edge and deliver better data processing for use cases spanning predictive maintenance, performance monitoring, energy optimization, operational technology, smart offices, smart homes and more.

New features include:
  • Run analytics at the edge with persistent and replicated data: Enables analytics at the edge, while also providing replication of data for centralized collection, visibility and additional analytic processing. Users can easily replicate data into InfluxDB Cloud from an InfluxDB instance deployed at the edge.
  • Broadcast new data to thousands of devices simultaneously: New feature adds the ability to distribute processed data with custom payloads to thousands of devices all at once from a single Flux script.
  • Intelligently deploy software at the edge with configurable packages: Users can now break down the stack into smaller base components, installing only what they need at the often-resource-constrained edge.
  • Contextualize IoT data across multiple sources: InfluxData has added MQTT data ingest to Telegraf, InfluxDB’s distributed collection agent. The new Telegraf MQTT input allows users to have more context over the IoT data they are ingesting from multiple sources.

“There are several challenges to managing IoT data: the volume of devices is growing rapidly, the environments are heterogeneous and unpredictable, the devices are often resource-constrained, and the rate of data creation can be immense. Successfully managing data from connected devices requires solutions that are lightweight, resilient, and scalable,” said Rachel Stephens, Senior Analyst, RedMonk. “Time series data provides crucial context in industrial and IoT settings. InfluxData aims to help its customers better understand the data from their connected devices.”

“At Graphite Energy, we’re focused on enabling industrial decarbonization by turning renewable energy into process heat. InfluxDB plays a critical role in managing diverse sets of our time series data – everything from solar panels and wind farms to energy markets to product sensors. These new IoT and edge capabilities will expedite how we manage industrial data in our business context and help our customers to become greener and more efficient.”

Byron Ross, Chief Operating Officer, Graphite Energy

Expanded partnerships to drive IIoT application development
Leading manufacturing providers PTC and Siemens are using InfluxDB as the time series engine for their industrial platforms to deliver high performance for IIoT and IoT at scale. InfluxDB is PTC’s preferred time series partner for ThingWorx, the leading industrial innovation platform. InfluxDB Cloud is also fully integrated as the time series data store within PTC Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Additional industry-leading IIoT platforms including Bosch ctrlX, Siemens WinCC OA, Akenza IoT and Cogent DataHub have also partnered with InfluxData to use InfluxDB as a supported persistence provider and data historian.

"Data is the cornerstone of every successful IoT strategy and our partnership with InfluxData ensures our customers are using their IIoT data to its fullest,” said Chris Baldwin, Vice President of ThingWorx Product Management at PTC. “Our customers can leverage InfluxDB's performance capabilities within PTC ThingWorx to manage large time series data workloads quickly and at scale. Together, we’re powering the biggest IoT and industrial applications available on the market.”

“Time series has become a vital component of the default IoT technology stack,” said Paul Dix, InfluxData. “Through our partnerships with the industry’s leading IIoT providers and our position as the preferred time series platform within those ecosystems, InfluxDB is the foundation for successful IIoT deployments.”

About InfluxData
InfluxData is the creator of InfluxDB, the leading time series platform. We empower developers and organizations, such as Cisco, IBM, Siemens and Tesla, to build real-time IoT, analytics and cloud applications with time-stamped data. Our technology is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of data produced by sensors, systems or applications that change over time. Easy to start and scale, InfluxDB gives developers time to focus on the features and functionalities that give their apps a competitive edge. InfluxData is headquartered in San Francisco, with a workforce distributed worldwide.


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Rubrik is a cybersecurity company, and our mission is to secure the world’s data. We pioneered Zero Trust Data Security™ to help organizations achieve business resilience against cyberattacks, malicious insiders, and operational disruptions. Rubrik Security Cloud, powered by machine learning, delivers data protection and cyber resilience in a single platform across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications. It helps organizations uphold data integrity, deliver data availability that withstands adverse conditions, continuously monitor data risks and threats, and restore businesses with their data when infrastructure is attacked.

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emnify | March 15, 2023

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