Itron to Deploy Intelligent Streetlight Solution for Stockholm

IoT Evolution world | March 12, 2020

According to a recent release, Itron, a company helping utilities and cities manage energy and water, has signed a contract with the City of Stockholm to deploy its smart city central management software, Streetlight.Vision. With the goal of becoming the world´s smartest city in 2040, the City of Stockholm reportedly developed a strategy for a smart and connected city, and one of its first use cases is streetlight management. To meet this use case and achieve its goals, Stockholm’s traffic department will utilize Itron to manage streetlights, improve energy efficiency and optimize system performance. Streetlight.Vision (SLV) is a smart city central management software application designed to deliver advanced asset management, analytics and control capabilities and is reportedly in use in more than 500 communities, controlling more than 3 million intelligent devices worldwide.



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Iveda and NetGain Systems Partner to Offer Observability-as-a-Service Capabilities to Cerebro Smart IoT Technology

businesswire | May 03, 2023

Iveda®, the global solution for cloud-based AI video and sensor technologies, today announced during WebSummit Rio a new partnership with NetGain Systems, leading provider of network and application performance management solutions, which will effectively bring Observability-as-a-Service capabilities to Iveda’s Cerebro Smart IoT Platform. Through this partnership––and subsequent integration of NetGain’s technology into Iveda’s smart city offering––cities worldwide will be afforded unmatched control and management of their network infrastructure. As part of the agreement, NetGain Systems will actively support Iveda smart city projects in Asian and Australian markets, providing invaluable market share support for Iveda’s AI and IoT products and services. Markets and Markets predicts the global smart city market to reach upwards of $1024.4 billion by 2027, as the continued adoption of advanced technologies propels the industry forward. As more cities, communities, and organizations turn to IoT technologies, visibility becomes pertinent to the overall success of truly smart entities. Through this partnership, Iveda can offer cities and organizations alike unparalleled Observability-as-a-Service alongside increased reliability, efficiency, and security of network infrastructure, leading to a better quality of life for citizens overall. “As cities around the world become more complex, the need for innovative IoT solutions has never been greater –– nor has the need for real-time insight into the goings-on of these networks,” said David Ly, Iveda CEO and founder. “Through this partnership with NetGain Systems, Iveda can further support a wide range of network environments, from small businesses to large enterprises and metropolitan areas worldwide. We’re eager to partner with NetGain and offer our unique combination of smart city capabilities on a global scale.” Cerebro is a cloud, AI-based central management platform of all Iveda IoT sensors, trackers, cameras, and utilities; the technology is crucial to smart city offerings. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to predict potential network issues before they occur, providing real-time visibility into network performance and allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues. Reporting and analytics are completely customizable, enabling city officials and leaders to make more data-driven decisions while optimizing network infrastructure. “I am thrilled by this strategic partnership with Iveda, and the opportunity to expand NetGain's AI-driven observability capabilities into the world of IoT and smart cities,” said James Chia, CEO of NetGain Systems. “I look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to provide our customers with reliability, efficiency, and security for their smart city deployments.” Iveda and NetGain Systems’ dynamic combination of technology has the power to help cities proactively monitor and manage critical systems––from traffic lights to public transportation networks––all while preventing downtime and ensuring smooth operations. The technology also actively enables cities to improve their cybersecurity posture by detecting and mitigating potential threats in real-time. About Iveda Solutions® Iveda is the provider of global solutions for cloud-based, video AI search and surveillance technologies that protect the people, places, and things that matter the most. Iveda’s technology has the power to provide instant intelligence to existing infrastructure, enabling cities and organizations around the world to seamlessly enter the fifth industrial revolution. Iveda operates at the forefront of digital transformation of cities across the world, using IoT platforms with smart sensors and devices developed to aid with use cases surrounding public safety, security, elderly care, energy efficiency, and environment preservation. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with a subsidiary in Taiwan, Iveda is publicly traded under the ticker symbol “IVDA”.

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ACA Pacific Partners with Atsign to Deliver Unprecedented IoT Security Technology in APAC Region

globenewswire | April 06, 2023

ACA Pacific Singapore (ACA Pacific Technology(S) Pte Ltd), an established IT marketing and value-added distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, has partnered with Atsign, Inc., a leader in IoT security, to bring game-changing IoT device security technology to the region. The rapid adoption of IoT devices in the region has led to a dramatic increase in criminal hacking groups attacking these devices to gain access to various organizations, as well as the government’s critical infrastructure. ACA Pacific Group will offer Atsign’s technology platform to eliminate all network attack surfaces (i.e. having no open ports) which will thwart these cybercriminals, protect IoT devices, and save costs over traditional, complicated, and less secure means of protecting IoT devices. Atsign will work closely alongside ACA Pacific’s broad ecosystem of partners to deliver industry leading cybersecurity solutions across industries and use cases. “I couldn’t be happier about this new partnership with ACA Pacific,” says Barbara Tallent, CEO of Atsign. “Their knowledge of the APAC market and great reputation with their clients is a powerful step forward for our goal of providing protection and privacy to more business customers in the region.” Craig Gledhill, CEO of ACA Pacific, discussed the partnership, stating that the fast rollout of 5G in the APAC market has led to a significant growth in IoT. However, this rapid expansion has also resulted in a significant security gap. Gledhill expressed excitement about partnering with Atsign to provide their technology as a cost-effective solution to address this very important issue. The technology is expected to be a great fit for many of ACA Pacific’s customers and partners. About ACA Pacific Group ACA Pacific Group is an established IT marketing and value-added distributor since 1986 across the Asia-Pacific region. Solutions offerings include selecting and integrating only the “Best-of-Breed” software and hardware to meet customers’ requirements. About Atsign Atsign is an award-winning technology company that believes the privacy and security of every person, organization, and device is a fundamental right, and they're working towards making it a reality. They won the 2022 IoTSF Champion award and the 2023 IoT Global Award for Securing IoT.

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Kapia and Elemental Machines announce strategic partnership to source European Distribution Partners

prnewswire | April 10, 2023

Elemental Machines is thrilled to partner with Kapia Partners in Europe to identify, connect with, and secure suitable distributors across the region. Elemental Machines' Intelligent Operations Platform combines the best of IoT technology with purpose-built software solutions to deliver actionable intel to operators in the life sciences and beyond. The Platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations by connecting the physical and digital infrastructure. Science and technology leaders trust Elemental Machines' ecosystem of hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that accelerate their pace of innovation. Many of the world's most successful life sciences brands partner with Elemental Machines to bring added value to their existing customers and expand into new markets. Elemental Machines provides best-in-class: Real-time, continuous monitoring Configurable alerting Predictive analytics The company delivers data-driven insights to help users take informed, timely action. The benefits of implementing the Elemental Machines' platform are nearly immediately realized and include: Optimized operations Reduced maintenance costs Increased system uptime Improved safety With Elemental Machines' advanced analytics, potential risks are easily identifiable before becoming costly issues. This provides more control over lab operations, increasing the reliability of equipment. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making the transition to Elemental Machines feel well overdue. Elemental Machines' suite of IoT-enable hardware is energy-efficient, cost-effective, extremely reliable, and requires minimal maintenance. The companies' software is easily accessible, flexible, and scalable, making it an ideal choice for integration with other essential operational software such as LIMS and ELN. "Having met at Lab Innovations in November of last year, avenues for mutually beneficial partnership, the strategy became clear, and the partnership began," said Oliver Chalkley, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kapia Partners."For any distributors already in our network, we look forward to reconnecting to discuss Elemental Machines. To those distributors not currently in our immediate network, we look forward to connecting. Kapia cannot wait to be aiding Elemental Machines' growth in Europe, and to see their worldwide expansion." AboutElemental Machines Elemental Machines Today’s research, clinical, and quality control labs are expected to discover and produce at a pace once considered unimaginable. Now, to lead is to be led by data. The Elemental Machines platform elevates LabOps teams to lead data-driven discovery, development, and delivery by simplifying the connection between physical and digital worlds. The result is a lab united by a universal cloud-connected dashboard and operations, informed by monitoring of every asset and environment, both in real-time and over time. Why? The standards established by operations determine the pace of output and discovery organization-wide.

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