Manx Telecom Announces the Launch of OV, a Global IoT Connectivity Brand

OVConnects | May 25, 2021

Manx Telecom Announces the Launch of OV, a Global IoT Connectivity Brand
Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Manx Telecom has relaunched its Global Solutions division under a new brand, OV, to serve the growing global IoT market alongside its established global mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) and travel SIM business.

The name OV is derived from ‘Of Vannin’, the ancient word for the Isle of Man where Manx Telecom is based. Global Solutions was set up 10 years ago to build partnerships in markets outside of the Island leveraging Manx Telecom’s world-class network infrastructure and roaming relationships with 600+ mobile operators in 170 countries.

Following rapid expansion due to the continued growth in demand for IoT cellular connectivity, OV already has partnerships with network providers worldwide, with over 5 million OV SIMs connecting IoT solutions. they can be utilized in smart devices in any areas requiring processes, controls, and automation to be delivered remotely. These include wearables for health tracking, connected cars, smart traffic management, and connected medical devices within the healthcare sector, amongst others.

With access to multiple networks in each country for resilient services, OV SIMS can be combined with the ability to deliver voice services, which is especially useful in situations like healthcare and wellbeing where there may be a need to speak to the IoT user.

Offering a flexible multi-tenant architecture, and enabling customers to partner with an unlimited number of distributors or resellers, OV’s intelligent management platform is secure, scalable, and offers full visibility and straightforward configuration of all SIM profiles including usage and costs. OV also provides partners with a comprehensive range of MVNE and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) connectivity services. The GSMA forecasts the IoT market will expand to 25 billion connected devices by 2025.

Commenting on the launch, Sutha Siva, COO at Manx Telecom and CEO of OV, said:

“The IoT and connected smart devices offer consumers and businesses endless possibilities which will improve how we live and work.”

“Our mission at OV is to deliver the most appropriate connectivity solutions for customers’ IoT ecosystems so they can leverage the full potential of IoT and enjoy transformational productivity gains as a result.”

“Using OV’s portfolio of tools, services, and products, combined with our expertise in successfully innovating, designing, and deploying IoT connectivity, we've been gearing up for growth within the IoT connectivity space and still invest heavily in our core infrastructure and network reach. We remain laser-focused on truly collaborating with our partners to deliver the best outcomes.”

Manx Telecom has been providing communications services throughout the Isle of Man for over 125 years and is that the leading communications solutions provider on the Island. OV has used the Island as a platform to test and launch innovative products and services which it then rolls out across the world.

About OV
OV has a unique perspective on connectivity and IoT. The brand sits within the Manx Telecom group of companies, leveraging Manx Telecom’s high-quality mobile network infrastructure, engineering expertise, and global network agreements with other mobile network operators, to provide global cellular connectivity to IoT and mobile service providers, in the UK and other international markets.


We recently published a client alert on January 26, 2016 that addressed some of the more significant Internet of Things (“IoT”) -specific standards and initiatives and emphasized the importance of interoperability as central to the growth and success of the products and services that leverage the IoT.


We recently published a client alert on January 26, 2016 that addressed some of the more significant Internet of Things (“IoT”) -specific standards and initiatives and emphasized the importance of interoperability as central to the growth and success of the products and services that leverage the IoT.

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Synaptiq and AlgoLook Demo Machine Vision Mask Detection Model at 2021 NSC Safety Congress and Expo

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Synaptiq, a full-scale artificial intelligence firm creating customized AI solutions, and AlgoLook, an AI product company focused on building technology products to enhance safety, security, health, and wellbeing in facilities, have developed a machine vision mask detection model that will be demonstrated at the 2021 National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Orlando, Florida, October 11 - 13, 2021. The demo will be featured in the conference’s new NSC Technology Safety Pavilion, at Booth 1975 on the conference floor, and will be available for conference attendees to test. The novel machine vision model uses a deep neural network trained on thousands of images to detect the presence or absence of masks in milliseconds. “As businesses rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and in-person events take place again, it will be imperative to continue to ensure attendees are protected. Mask-wearing is a huge part of mitigating virus spread and getting back to business as usual. Our machine vision model gives safety and compliance officials an efficient and reliable tool that can help them do their jobs better during this stressful time.” Stephen Sklarew, CEO of Synaptiq The specialized tools and techniques used to bring this mask detection model to life can readily be deployed to solve other safety and security challenges, such hard hat and high visibility vest enforcement, weapon location, hazard proximity detection, and more. “We are very excited to be showcased in the new NSC Technology Safety Pavilion. We believe demonstrating Synaptiq’s mask compliance model is very timely, as this show requires a mask to attend. This model is one of many that can be delivered via AlgoLook’s SAFE platform, along with our proprietary sensor, AlgoAir, a Vape and THC detector.” AlgoLook CEO and Co-founder John Dankovchik About Synaptiq With over 50 clients in 20 sectors worldwide, Synaptiq is a full-scale AI consultancy bringing impactful solutions to the enterprise using machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, and other data-driven techniques. The firm creates customized platforms for image and document-intensive industries that are more powerful than existing off-the-shelf tools. Its team of management consultants, AI researchers and data scientists, and product development experts works directly with clients to leverage the unbeatable advantages of artificial intelligence, navigate potential obstacles, and become a smart enterprise of tomorrow. About Algolook AlgoLook, a 3 year old company exiting R&D stage, is now offering AlgoAir, a Vape and THC sensor that not only integrates seamlessly with a facility’s VMS, enabling fast enforcement, it is also the only THC sensor on the market with a 100% concealed installation form factor. AlgoLook is the maker of the SAFE (situational awareness for enterprise) platform, an AI powered, real-time platform that ingests multimodal inputs (air, particulates, gases, thermal, NLP, NLU, and numerous computer vision models) to be then delivered in a unified experience in real-time. We think of IOT as your remote sight, sound, and smell.

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