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Monnit launches ALTA IoT Gateway with cellular and Ethernet

Monnit | June 07, 2022

Monnit has unveiled its new ALTA Wireless IoT Gateway, which features a cellular and Ethernet platform for keeping ALTA Wireless Sensor networks connected to the Internet in a variety of situations and remote places.

The cellular engine of the ALTA IoT Gateway supports 4G LTE Category M1 (CAT-M1) and NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) 2 technologies (NB2). Its RJ-45 Ethernet socket offers connectivity backup and allows for local device configuration and troubleshooting. The ALTA IoT Gateway is a dual-connection device that can function as a cellular gateway with Ethernet failover or as an Ethernet gateway with cellular failover.

The ALTA IoT Gateway links to the iMonnit cloud software, which allows you to set up and operate ALTA Sensors from your mobile device or computer. Sensor data is protected, aggregated, and sent so you may log data and monitor important conditions around the clock.

“IoT data is one of the most valuable assets. Our new ALTA IoT Gateway ensures it’s safe and available when you need it. The ALTA IoT Gateway’s reliable versatility is its most impressive feature, keeping IoT networks connected seamlessly everywhere from remote areas to main facilities,”

Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters

The ALTA IoT Gateway provides long-range radio frequency transmission with interference immunity for up to one mile (line-of-sight) and 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls, in addition to its wireless 4G LTE CAT-M1/NB2 cellular engine (non-line-of-sight). The ALTA IoT Gateway also has a battery backup of up to 60 hours, and GPS data is available for a price.


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WiGL Announces Next Phase IoT Product Development Supported by Energous’ Wireless Power Network Technology

businesswire | August 11, 2023

WiGL (StartEngine: WiGL), a developer of touchless wireless charging for IoT devices for wireless power networks, and Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT), a leading developer of RF-based intelligent wireless power networks, today announced the next phase of their partnership to develop and commercialize IoT products that will be wirelessly powered over distance (tWPT Project). Today’s announcement marks the second phase of the WiGL project, funded early last year by the Air Force Research Lab at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), to develop and design tWPT products for military and commercial use. The recently completed first phase of the project involved a proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration by Energous and WiGL of a tWPT network including multiple Energous PowerBridges sending power over-the-air to recharge power banks and IoT lighting devices. In the second phase of the project, Energous’ PowerBridges will continue to provide radio frequency-based (RF) wireless power over distance for WiGL’s tWPT networks. "Our partnership with WiGL is an additional example of how Energous’ products are enabling wireless power deployment and commercialization,” said Cesar Johnston, President and CEO of Energous. “Energous has been focusing on increasing the number of IoT wireless power network POC’s with an end goal to bring those to production. We are happy to see our technology empowering the creation of highly flexible IoT device designs, while simultaneously addressing the skyrocketing IT costs and environmental hazards associated with disposable batteries and charging cables. This collaboration is a significant milestone in this journey, and we are incredibly excited to embark on this next phase alongside WiGL." Enabling IoT devices to receive wireless power over distance helps eliminate their dependence on charging cables, open ports or battery doors, greatly reducing potential complications to their physical integrity while ensuring they are consistently and reliably charged at all times. RF-based wireless power networks, an ecosystem of technologies including transmitters and receivers that enable wireless power transmission across any distance for a wide range of applications, also lead to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs while increasing range of coverage and overall efficiency. "We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of 8 out of 8 contracted tasks for the esteemed DoD, which has paved the way for our latest accomplishment of a follow-on multi-year contract. This new contract entails the design and delivery of cutting-edge over-the-air touchless Wireless Power Transfer (tWPT) capabilities to the DoD," stated Dr. Ahmad Glover, Founder of WiGL. "By combining Energous' extensive decade-long expertise in the field and regulatory know-how with WiGL's advanced networking solutions, we are poised to bring the first generation of lighting products to life; with follow-on second and third generations of tWPT products to follow. This follow-on contract from the DoD allows us to continue finalizing our inaugural product line expanding into new products and IoT applications for the future. For instance, WiGL is looking forward to launching a consumer tWPT LED lighting system this year." Energous PowerBridges are designed to drive transformation across the entire IoT ecosystem. These devices are designed not only to have the capability of wirelessly charging multiple devices simultaneously from a distance using RF-based wireless power, but also to function as data links for connected devices, enabling them to communicate valuable data and insights back to the cloud. About Energous Corporation Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) has been pioneering wireless charging over distance technology since 2012. Today, as the global leader in wireless charging over distance, its networks are safely and seamlessly powering its customers’ RF-based systems in a variety of industries, including retail, industrial, healthcare and more. Its total network solution is designed to support a variety of applications, including inventory and asset tracking, smart manufacturing, electronic shelf labels, IoT sensors, digital supply chain management, inventory management, loss prevention, patient/people tracking and sustainability initiatives. The number of industries and applications it serves is rapidly growing as it works to support the next generation of the IoT ecosystem.

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GlobalSign Announces Two New ABI Research IoT White Papers

Accesswire | July 06, 2023

GMO GlobalSign Inc., a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of identity security, digital signing and IoT solutions today announced the availability of two new white papers. Written in collaboration with ABI Research, the white papers "Smart Home IoT Devices Require Secure Network Architecture" and "Securing the Industrial IoT Market" can now be downloaded from our website. A white paper by ABI Research Director Michela Menting, "Securing the Industrial IoT Market" discusses how this market is undergoing a transformation using new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, digital twins and robotics, leading to a booming growth of Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies. The paper also identifies the primary Internet networking approaches expected for industrial settings, and also lays out primary connectivity needs in the top industrial markets. The paper concludes by recommending Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a critical technology for securing the industrial Internet and its benefits for industrial organizations. A free copy of the paper can be found here. In addition, a white paper by ABI Research's Research Director Jonathon Collins, "Smart Home IoT Devices Require Secure Network Architecture," discusses the many facets of smart homes, delving into subjects such as energy management, physical security, healthcare, home appliances as well as smart home network architectures. The paper also focuses on the need for companies to leverage digital certificates to enable a wide variety of security capabilities. Information is also shared regarding authentication and access control, privacy and confidentiality and integrity. Click here to obtain a free copy of this paper. "Digital certificates are well-suited for securing the identity of IoT devices, since the technology behind certificates, Public Key Infrastructure, allows for increased visibility of smart home devices and their connectivity to external assets and applications," said Martin Lowry, IoT Product Manager, GlobalSign. "For a secure industrial Internet, companies need to consider that identities for millions of industrial devices is necessary. With unique identities, operators can build security policies starting with authentication and access control, and then extend to monitoring, threat detection, and lifecycle management. Whether you are dealing with a smart home device offering, or an IIoT project, PKI forms the core of device identity, allowing for product differentiation, increased visibility, fraud prevention and attack reduction." About GMO GlobalSign As one of the world's most deeply-rooted certificate authorities, GMO GlobalSign is the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions enabling businesses, large enterprises, cloud-based service providers, and IoT innovators worldwide to conduct secure online communications, manage millions of verified digital identities and automate authentication and encryption. Its high-scale Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and identity solutions support the billions of services, devices, people, and things comprising the IoT. GMO GlobalSign is a subsidiary of GMO GlobalSign Holdings, Inc, a member of the Japan-based GMO Internet Group, has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit https://www.globalsign.com.

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Cavli Wireless, a Leading Cellular IoT Semiconductor Company, Raises $10M Series-A to Accelerate Global Expansion

businesswire | July 13, 2023

A leading player in the Cellular IoT ecosystem, Cavli Inc. (brand name “Cavli Wireless” or “Cavli”) announced the closure of its $10 million Series A round from global investors. The round is led by Chiratae Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures. In addition, a major US technology conglomerate also participated in the round. Cavli Wireless designs and manufactures cellular modules in 4G and 5G technologies with integrated eSIM and global connectivity. Cavli began its journey in 2017, when co-founders, John Mathew, Ajit Thomas, Tarun Thomas George, and Akhil A Zeeb, aligned on the simple yet powerful mission that IoT should be made simple, seamless, and global. Cavli has now evolved into a global team spread across four continents, delivering IoT solutions to product makers from 30+ countries. Cavli has been a global company from day one and already operates across the US, India, Spain, Vietnam, the UK, France, Italy, Turkey, and Germany. “This Series A will enable us to strengthen our position in the global IoT market by expanding our product portfolio, enhancing R&D capabilities, and growing our international presence. Cavli plans to invest in cutting-edge technologies, such as 5G with edge processing capabilities, to address the automotive and industrial sectors globally. With our platform solution, Cavli Hubble tightly integrated with our hardware portfolio, we are pretty confident that Silicon to Cloud integration in its true sense is now a reality,” said John Mathew, CEO of Cavli Wireless. Tarun Thomas George, COO of Cavli Wireless, added, “We are delighted to welcome such a distinguished group of global investors on board, who resonate completely with our vision. Our team is united by a passion for developing and delivering innovative IoT technologies that can drive transformative changes to our customers, and with this investment, we are poised to accelerate the pace of that change.” TCM Sundaram, Founder, and Vice Chairman, Chiratae Ventures, shared, “Cavli Wireless has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and customer success, positioning the company as a leader in the intersection of Mobility & IoT space. We are excited to support Cavli's vision and believe their unparalleled IoT connectivity expertise will enable them to become an indispensable partner for businesses worldwide.” “With the growing penetration of 5G and increasing demand for IoT-enabled applications across industries, the need for solutions that help customers accelerate development and deployment of IoT products has become essential,” said Quinn Li, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and global head of Qualcomm Ventures. “Cavli Wireless’ intelligent solution integrates modem hardware, connectivity, and device management into a single platform helping businesses easily deploy their IoT products. We’re excited to invest in Cavli Wireless to support IoT adoption and connectivity at the edge.” This investment comes at a time when the global IoT market is experiencing rapid growth, with the number of connected devices projected to surpass 30 billion by 2025. Cavli’s comprehensive suite of IoT connectivity solutions, backed by its connectivity management cloud platform - Cavli Hubble, provides businesses with the infrastructure needed to harness the power of IoT, driving digital transformation and creating new opportunities for growth. About Cavli Inc. Cavli Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing the cellular IoT industry with its disruptive hardware and cloud solutions. The company develops a wide range of cellular IoT modules that feature in-built cloud and connectivity solutions to simplify IoT design, development, and deployment for customers. All of Cavli’s smart cellular modules come with eSIM integration and access to the proprietary cloud-based platform, Cavli Hubble, which provides centralized subscription management and simplified device management, along with affordable global LTE, LPWAN, and 5G connectivity out-of-the-box. Cavli’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking to unlock the full potential of IoT.

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