Morse Micro and Chicony to Roll out World’s First Wi-fi IoT Security Cameras

Morse Micro | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 02:10 min

Morse Micro

On January 23, 2023, Morse Micro, a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company focused on IoT connectivity, and Chicony Electronics, a leading electronics manufacturer, announced a strategic partnership to bring Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLowTM IP cameras to market. The partnership will greatly improve camera equipment's range and reliability by using cutting-edge wireless technology. This is a huge step forward in IoT security.

These best-in-class wireless cameras will use Wi-Fi HaLow to reach 10x farther than 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 cameras. Based on the new IEEE 802.11ah standard, Wi-Fi HaLow works at frequencies below 1GHz to penetrate walls and other obstacles. With this new technology's ultra-low power consumption feature, these battery-powered IP cameras will function for years. Wi-Fi HaLow cameras will also include cutting-edge WPA3 security for peace of mind from every angle. Chicony's Wi-Fi HaLow cameras are the first in the world to use FCC-certified reference designs anchored by MM6108 microchip from Morse Micro. They can monitor indoor and outdoor locations without Wi-Fi extenders or wiring.

Michael De Nil, co-founder and chief executive officer at Morse Micro, said, "We're thrilled to partner with the Chicony team to bring the first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow IoT security cameras to market. With its broad product offerings and global reach, Chicony is the perfect partner for this milestone agreement and will support Morse Micro in achieving scale for our Wi-Fi HaLow technology." He added, "Our collaboration with Chicony builds on the excitement and momentum of Wi-Fi HaLow across the globe as we expand our portfolio and accelerate the use of our technology across a range of applications."

(Source- Business wire)

About Morse Micro

A fast-growing fabless semiconductor firm, Morse Micro was founded in 2016 and operates in the UK, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, and India. It's headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The business is transforming our digital future and improving global connectivity by changing the status quo of Wi-Fi protocols. The world's largest and best-funded Wi-Fi HaLow startup has raised over AU $200M. It develops Wi-Fi HaLow solutions and enables next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. It is offering samples of its Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC-certified MM6108 production silicon which is the fastest, lowest power, smallest and longest range Wi-Fi HaLow chip on the market.


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:


As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud¬native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud¬native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud¬native 5G core:

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FutureDial Launches Breakthrough Solution for Efficient Mobile Device Refurbishing

FutureDial | January 30, 2023

FutureDial has released SMART Receive, a way for warehouses to process used mobile devices quickly and easily. The system moves tasks related to receiving to a single station where information about the device is recorded and processing is done. This cuts down on bottlenecks in the receiving and routing processes and makes the workflow more efficient. SMART Receive works with FutureDial's other automation solutions. It automates tasks that used to be done by hand and uses dynamic workflow guidance to save time and cut down on mistakes. By automating these processes, SMART Receive makes receiving and routing a more streamlined process. Angel Anderson, Product Solution Manager, FutureDial SMART Receive, said, "SMART Receive brings together all the separate receiving tasks into a single, more efficient station and takes away the guesswork, guiding the receiving staff in performing their tasks." She added, "The system helps consolidate the order-of-operation workflow in receiving and directs staff on which tasks to prioritize and when to perform them." She added further, "Formerly repetitive tasks are aggregated into more efficient sequences for staff to perform, which saves time, effort, and money." (Source: PR Newswire) The solution is seen as a game-changer for the industry because it makes it easier and more profitable to refurbish warehouses to handle more devices. With SMART Receive, warehouses can save time and money while making sure orders are correct and keeping up with growing customer needs. This makes it easier for businesses to manage the complexity of warehouse operations and meet customers' demands for faster delivery. About FutureDial FutureDial has been in business since 1999 and is a leading provider of processing solutions for the mobile device supply chain. Its easy-to-use, ADISA certified, automated SMART Processing Platform simplifies and automates processes, reducing operator touches and saving time and money for various companies such as device buy-back trade-in, third-party logistics (3PLs), wireless carriers, mobile device insurance, and mobile device manufacturers (OEMs). FutureDial's solutions aim to optimize business operations and make companies more efficient and profitable. The company serves various industries, such as mobile device recyclers, reverse logistics companies, wireless operators, retailers, and enterprises worldwide.

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Taoglas Completes Transaction with Graham Partners for IoT Expansion

Taoglas | March 08, 2023

Taoglas, a reputable provider of antennas and Internet of Things (IoT) components that assists in solving complex engineering problems, recently announced a transaction that results in a majority ownership from Graham Partners, a private investment firm specializing in technology-driven advanced manufacturing companies. The transaction will support Taoglas' ongoing global expansion of in-house RF engineering expertise and design, sales channels, new product development, and customer base across a broad range of IoT verticals, including mobility, infrastructure, medical, industrial, transportation, and smart city. The need to integrate complex RF and wireless technologies into commonplace devices and platforms is growing exponentially. The investment supports Taoglas' ambitious growth plans, such as expanding its strategic partnerships, product portfolio, and global team, by capitalizing on its track record of providing cutting-edge IoT solutions to various industries. In addition, Taoglas intends to utilize Graham Partners' extensive industry expertise, network, and experience to advance its mission of delivering innovative RF and wireless solutions which boost IoT and connectivity. As a company with a significant presence and operations in the United States, Taoglas is well-positioned to assist clients in mitigating supply chain and privacy risks resulting from geopolitical and economic volatility. Customers can rest assured that Taoglas will continue to provide rapid local delivery, an uninterrupted supply chain, and seamless support with the addition of operating partners with expertise in manufacturing, sustainability, and internal infrastructure. Graham Partners and Taoglas are actively pursuing add-on acquisitions to expand the company's global scale and capabilities as part of its growth strategy. About Taoglas Taoglas is a renowned company that offers advanced IoT components, custom design services, and antennas to help customers tackle complex wireless and RF systems. Established in 2004, it has expanded its expertise to include engineering resources, cutting-edge test chambers, and pre-certification centers across the globe. Its dedicated team ensures an uninterrupted supply chain for rapid local delivery and seamless international support. The company prides itself on its commitment to innovation, proactive customer service, and trusted quality, which creates long-term peace of mind for customers and colleagues, advancing global connectivity.

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KORE to Acquire Twilio's IoT Business Unit and Accelerate Progress Towards Building the World's First 'IoT Hyperscaler'

prnewswire | March 28, 2023

KORE Group Holdings, Inc. a global leader in Internet of Things ("IoT") Solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service ("IoT CaaS"), announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Twilio's IoT business unit as part of a growth strategy to provide customers with a unified, seamless approach to launching IoT solutions as the world's leading pure-play IoT provider. As consideration for the acquisition, Twilio (NYSE:TWLO), the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today's leading brands, will receive 10 million shares of KORE common stock, which will represent approximately 11.5% of KORE's issued and outstanding shares. "IoT has immense potential to change the world," KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said. "Whether it is ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, supporting chronic disease management through remote patient monitoring, or optimizing agriculture and supporting sustainability, IoT has many powerful applications. Combining the digital prowess of Twilio's IoT business and the comprehensive connectivity-solutions-analytics portfolio of KORE is a meaningful step toward proliferating IoT and making it more accessible and successful." Continued Bahl, "KORE is thrilled to augment our best-in-class IoT CaaS offering with Twilio's IoT talent and customer portfolio. This acquisition represents exactly the kind of investment we have said we are willing to make to become an exciting top-line growth company, and specifically, we will benefit from the world-class digital experience and developer community Twilio has built for its IoT business." This acquisition will bring to market: A powerful connectivity suite, including best-in-class eSIM technologies with KORE OmniSIM™ and Twilio Super SIM A one-stop shop for building, deploying, managing, and scaling IoT operations throughout the entire lifecycle via award-winning technologies and world-class facilities An accelerated time to market through global, 24/7 customer support and 20 years of IoT experience through KORE and the Twilio IoT team's depth and breadth of digital experience "We are just scratching the surface of the opportunities IoT can unlock for customers," said Twilio's Head of IoT, Taylor Wolfe. "As a global leader in IoT, KORE has the right expertise, vision, and technology to expand the robust offerings that Twilio's world-class IoT team has built. KORE is the right home for Twilio's IoT business, and we look forward to this acquisition increasing scalability and creating even more powerful business outcomes for our customers going forward." Completion of the acquisition transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including, among other things, the negotiation and execution of certain ancillary agreements. About KORE KORE is a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering mission critical IoT solutions and services. We empower organizations of all sizes to improve operational and business results by simplifying the complexity of IoT. Our deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment agility accelerate and materially impact our customers' business outcomes.

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