NORBIT Announces Acquisition of Business and Assets from IoT Company StalkIT and Associated Companies

NORBIT | March 09, 2021

“Through the acquisition we are broadening our product offering and strengthening our position in the asset tracking vertical. This is a strategic fit with NORBIT’s plans to grow a new subsegment based on selected IoT/5G niche applications," says Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, CEO of NORBIT.

StalkIT has created flexible tracking services with tracking gadgets and software tailored to help and keep up control of resources. Presently, the business has around 20 000 dynamic tracking units being used. As a component of the exchange, NORBIT will notwithstanding the innovation, the customer base, and the running business likewise expect responsibility for Spanish legitimate element with six employees covering business development, software development, and customer support. The StalkIT business will be incorporated in NORBIT's business section ITS.

NORBIT has been one of the accomplices of StalkIT on industrialization and production of its tracking units.

The exchange cost is consented to NOK 24 million and is relied upon to be financed by utilization of NORBIT's accessible credit lines. The culmination of the exchange is dependent upon a palatable result of due steadiness and investor endorsement in StalkIT and related organizations. Shutting is required to occur during March 2021.

As imparted in January, NORBIT is as of now in cutting-edge and elite arrangements with respect to an extra securing of an undisclosed European organization that is working in the resource and vehicle tracking space, offering a considerable portion of recurring subscription-based revenues.

“The two acquisitions jump start our strategy of building a new vertical within our ITS segment with a subscription-based revenue model where we also take advantage of NORBIT’s existing key competence within high-volume wireless low power devices and utilizing our sales and distribution platform” says Per Jørgen Weisethaunet.

NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches. The company’s business is structured to address its key markets; Oceans is offering tailored technology solutions to global maritime markets, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) is offering connectivity solutions for vehicle identification and tracking, and Product Innovation and Realization (PIR) is offering R&D services and contract manufacturing to key customers.


The emergence of the Internet of Things has created a need for new skills and partnerships. IoT is a team sport. Learn how leaders are working to ensure the pieces are in place to take full advantage of the opportunity.


The emergence of the Internet of Things has created a need for new skills and partnerships. IoT is a team sport. Learn how leaders are working to ensure the pieces are in place to take full advantage of the opportunity.

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Geolinks Chooses Senet RAN Provider Tools And Services To Provide LoraWAN IoT Connectivity Services Across California

GeoLinks | November 27, 2020

Senet, Inc., a main supplier of cloud-based programming and administrations stages that empower worldwide availability and on-request network manufacture outs for the Internet of Things (IoT), and GeoLinks, a California-based media communications supplier and serious nearby trade transporter (CLEC) public utility, today declared an association to convey LoRaWAN® network over GeoLinks' inclusion regions and stretch out GeoLinks' marked administrations to help the fast development of low force, wide zone IoT applications. The quickest developing broadcast communications organization in California and the biggest champ of Connect America Fund II projects in the state, GeoLinks is adding LoRaWAN to its availability portfolio as a component of its vital development and quickened network extension plans. Through this organization, GeoLinks will utilize Senet's set-up of Radio Access Network Provider Services to finish focused on organization assemble outs, trailed by the conveyance of LoRaWAN availability administrations for an expansive scope of IoT markets and applications throughout the next few months. GeoLinks will likewise be partaking in Senet's protected Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™), adding to the brought together transporter grade LoRaWAN availability administration oversaw by Senet over the United States. LVN investment likewise furnishes GeoLinks and their clients with basic administrations expected to send IoT arrangement at scale, including normalized gadget actuation and organization measures, unsurprising nature of administration through cutting edge rating and organization the executives, and wandering for versatile IoT applications. “LoRaWAN technology has paved the way for the pervasive use of IoT applications across the commercial marketplace and a major force behind this expansion are the network deployment and management tools provided by Senet’s cloud-based network operations platform,” said Ryan Adams, President & COO at GeoLinks. “We are excited to be partnering with Senet to expand our offering to include LoRaWAN connectivity and look forward to extending Senet’s carrier-grade network service to our customers in support of rapid growth in the IoT market.” GeoLinks and Senet are initially collaborating to target high-growth IoT applications that have proven traction in GeoLink’s coverage area, including utility services in the water and gas markets, and smart agriculture in rural areas where the characteristics of LoRaWAN provide cost and performance benefits over cellular service. Recognized on both a state and national level for its unparalleled capabilities in supporting disaster recovery, GeoLinks is also pursuing opportunities where LoRaWAN networks and low-cost, low-power IoT sensors can be used to enhance public safety and support the delivery of critical services in the utility, municipal and enterprise markets. “We are continuing to experience a trend in which fixed and wireless network operators are recognizing the benefits of offering multiple connectivity technologies to support the growth of IoT applications and use cases,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “GeoLinks owns the largest fixed wireless coverage area of any single provider in California, making them an ideal partner to deploy LoRaWAN network infrastructure and manage service delivery to customers deploying low power IoT solutions at a massive scale.”

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Taoglas Announces Mohamad Nasser Joins Company as VP of IoT Solutions

Taoglas | March 16, 2021

Taoglas, a main empowering agent of digital transformation through IoT, today reported that Mohamad (Mo) Nasser has joined the organization as VP of IoT Solutions, as of now. In this job, Mo will accept accountability for driving the advancement, product management and business development of Taoglas' broad, world-driving IoT portfolio, universally. Preceding joining Taoglas, Mo regulated the IoT business at Sprint. His duties included making and commercializing inventive IoT solutions that sway the way individuals live, organizations work, and social orders advance. Mo drove a group of more than 35 experts which zeroed in on investigating and executing driving edge technologies including IoT applications, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud computing as well as edge computing. By developing the business 30% CAGR year-over-year, Mo set up Sprint as the seventh-biggest IoT administrator on the planet with a negligible part of the staff of the opposition. “We are delighted to welcome Mohamad Nasser to Taoglas. Mo is an industry pioneer who has been pivotal to the IoT industry with over 25 years of global executive leadership experience in product management, marketing, business development, strategic partnering and general management. He has played a defining role influencing industry standards, both from within the carrier environment as well as the telecom equipment provider environment, we are excited to have Mo lead our IoT business unit as part of our aggressive growth plans for Taoglas’ IoT business.” said Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Taoglas. "I am very excited to join Taoglas as the VP of IoT, Taoglas is known for its superior expertise with IoT projects globally and I look forward to contributing to developing its IoT business exponentially. In my new role I’ll focus on continuing to advance and innovate the Taoglas IoT portfolio, and I look forward to collaborating with a team of world-class IoT experts to realise our aggressive growth plans." said Mohamad Nasser, VP of IoT Solutions. About Taoglas Taoglas is the world’s leading provider of next-generation IoT solutions, combining the latest in high-performance RF antenna with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies for companies with unique IoT challenges. With 10 world-class design, support and test centers in Ireland, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, China, and the US, in-house manufacturing in Taiwan and the US, and a dynamic online ordering system, Taoglas helps companies deliver complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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HomeValet to Bring Secure, 24/7 Contactless Delivery Directly to Consumers' Doorsteps

HomeValet | January 13, 2022

HomeValet - the company reimagining the modern home delivery experience - has today announced the launch of its Smart Box and app which is now available for pre-order. The first of its kind solution for secure, contactless 24/7 delivery will first be offered to eligible Walmart InHome customers in select participating regions this January, with wider consumer availability announced in early 2022. Offering a secure, temperature-controlled and internet-connected outdoor receptacle, HomeValet's Smart Box enables seamless unattended delivery of fresh groceries and packages directly to consumers' front door steps every time. Through HomeValet's mobile app and subscription service, consumers will be able to conveniently customize, manage, monitor, and remotely control their Smart Boxes - for delivery fit to their lives, not the other way around. "The rapidly maturing e-commerce market exposed a vital need for increased package security and food safety in supply chain "last mile" delivery to consumer homes, which HomeValet is designed to solve," said John Simms, HomeValet Founder and CEO. "By connecting consumers, retailers and couriers to a secure end-point outside consumers' homes, we enable automated delivery of packages, groceries and other goods, and reduce consumers' time burdens of home delivery and offer convenience and freedom, avoidance of logistics issues and capture large scale efficiencies improving the home delivery experience for consumers and retailers." Starting today, HomeValet's Smart Boxes are available for pre-order on with an initial down payment of $50 to reserve. Smart Box pricing varies by design with a variety of customizable styles offered and financing options provided through Affirm. The HomeValet app, which allows users to monitor Smart Box deliveries as well as control temperature to ensure secure package and grocery deliveries is also now downloadable in the App Store and Google Play Store for a monthly subscription of $15.00/month. Following a successful consumer pilot conducted with Walmart customers in May 2021, early delivery and a special introductory price will be available to select Walmart InHome customers in January 2022. Verified Walmart InHome customers serviced by participating Florida stores will be the first to experience the fully automated and seamless grocery delivery enabled by HomeValet. "The adoption of the HomeValet Smart Box will create a whole new category within the home appliance industry, which hasn't changed much since the introduction of the microwave in the 1970s. More importantly, HomeValet-powered, IoT connected Smart Boxes will put the control in consumers' hands, so home delivery is designed for the convenience of shoppers, not just retailers." Jack Simms, HomeValet co-founder and COO About HomeValet HomeValet is a leader in contactless home delivery on a mission to solve the last yard of delivery with solutions made for the modern consumer. Reimagining the current e-commerce delivery supply chain, HomeValet's patented SaaS IoT platform connects retailers and couriers with a secure, temperature-controlled Smart Box outside of consumers' homes. The first of its kind Smart Box, software, and app facilitates 24/7 contactless and unattended delivery spanning everyday parcels, perishable groceries and more.

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