Thales Launches New IoT Connectivity Solution with Improved Reliability and Security for Smart Devices

Thales | February 02, 2022

Thales delivers innovative IoT technology that simplifies companies’ digital transformation. For more than twenty years, our customers – in a wide range of industries - trust Thales’ IoT solutions to seamlessly connect and secure their devices. The launch of the ELS62 series fits Thales’ 360° approach1 and provides cost-effective solutions to simplify design, streamline development and accelerate time-to-market for IoT solutions.

The IoT industry requires both highly stable connectivity and devices secured by-design to unleash its full potential and win users’ trust. That’s how Thales came up with a single antenna solution - compliant with LTE-Cat.1bis standard2 - to offer flexible connectivity options and strong cybersecurity to IoT device manufacturers. Its optimized size enables to address smaller but still sensitive objects, such as medical wearables, smart meters, home alarm systems or any other devices used in critical use cases. In fact, the ELS62 module integrates security features to protect both the device and data, by ensuring robustness against cyberattacks, with strong device authentication and data encryption.

In addition, device management is streamlined thanks to Thales’ leading expertise in remote device activation and connectivity management3. Indeed, Thales’ 2G connectivity fall-back service maximizes network reachability and improves users’ quality of service. This means savings, not just at installation, but also over the device’s lifecycle as it removes the need for physical servicing (leading to a reduced total-cost of ownership).

“For EBS, iron-clad security is at the core of our business. As a manufacturer of smart security systems, we have over 3 million devices in the field. Our customers trust EBS to be at the forefront of security technology at all times – and to keep them- and their property- protected. This is a responsibility that we take incredibly serious, also when choosing our suppliers. With the Cinterion® ELS62, we are able to rely on Thales’ extensive security expertise and have a connectivity module that is state-of-the-art, that allows us to explore new technologies while never leaving any doubt about data protection”, said Piotr Blaszczyk, Member of the Management Board - Director for Research, Development and Technical Support EBS Sp. z o. o.

“Security has always been part of Thales’ DNA. Our new ELS62 comes with our essential security features implemented directly on the module, like trusted device identity for safe cloud interworking and deep penetration testing against security threats. The new Thales Cinterion® ELS62 Cat.1 bis will support device makers’ ambitions and help our customers to develop innovative IoT services. Thales’ unique expertise in developing reliable compact connectivity solution combined with a security-by-design approach empowers our customers to build a future we can all trust.”

Francis D’Souza, Head of IoT Strategy and Product Line Management at Thales

About Thales
Thales is a global leader in advanced technologies, investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum computing – to build a confident future crucial for the development of our societies. The Group provides its customers – businesses, organisations and governments – in the defense, aeronautics, space, transport, and digital identity and security domains with solutions, services and products that help them fulfil their critical role, consideration for the individual being the driving force behind all decisions.


It is essential to implement a robust regression testing process that covers not only the device but the interaction with the cloud and mobile apps as well, to ensure the product is functioning as intended. Download this white paper to learn how to address all of the complexities involved with adding connectivity to your products.


It is essential to implement a robust regression testing process that covers not only the device but the interaction with the cloud and mobile apps as well, to ensure the product is functioning as intended. Download this white paper to learn how to address all of the complexities involved with adding connectivity to your products.

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