Huawei and Defense Department Administrators Got into an Argument at a Cybersecurity Panel

IoT tech News | February 26, 2020

Huawei and Defense Department Administrators Got into an Argument at a Cybersecurity Panel

At a Glance:

  • A Huawei executive and a US Department of Defense official got on stage together Wednesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, and the conversation got heated.

  • Katie Arrington insisted that lawmakers and President Donald Trump had good reason to remove Huawei products from government use.

  • The topic at hand was supply chain security, or the process of making sure security flaws don't get introduced into tech during the manufacturing process.

Things got tense.

The digital economy will produce US$23 trillion in new economic potential by 2025 (from US$12.9 trillion in 2017). In other words, by 2025, the digital economy will represent 24.3% of global GDP, up from 17.1% in 2017.

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The rapid development of digital technologies also brings new security challenges. All industries are undergoing digital transformation. New technologies like cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are spreading. All of these mean that cyber security risks are rising. If we want to benefit from the expansionary economic impact of ICT, maintaining secure ICT environment is key.

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Today, cybersecurity is increasingly intertwined with political suspicions and trade barriers and falling trust between nations. Political suspicions have done nothing to solve the issues of cybersecurity. Frequently, cybersecurity is used simply as an excuse to erect trade barriers, and this has further obscured the real issues.

A Huawei executive and a US Department of Defense official got on stage together Wednesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, and the conversation got heated. Katie Arrington, an official in charge of acquisition at the Defense Department, insisted that lawmakers and President Donald Trump had good reason to remove Huawei products from government use. Huawei USA Chief Security Officer Andy Purdy said the decision was the wrong approach.

The government was following a policy of "rip and replace," tearing useful technology from the hands of government workers serving US citizens. The US government can find ways to build trust by observing the manufacturing process more closely.

Andy Purdy, USA Chief Security Officer, Huawei.

Arrington countered that removing Huawei technology from government use was the only option, "because the risk is so high." The US can't consider conveying control of sensitive information to another country, Arrington said, "end of story, period."

The topic at hand was supply chain security or the process of making sure security flaws don't get introduced into tech during the manufacturing process. Since phones, computers, and other devices are made in overseas factories, overseen by a complex web of contractors, there are countless ways bugs can wind up inside your tech. The question of whether the bugs were put there on purpose, and by whom, can lead to an international relations crisis.

Craig Spiezle, a consultant at Agelight Advisory Group who focuses on increasing trust in tech and addressing ethics, moderated the panel. Also, on stage Wednesday were tech policy experts Bruce Schneier of the Harvard Kennedy School and Kathryn Waldron of the R Street Institute think tank.

The US government didn't mind that devices were insecure because its spy agencies were the best at using those vulnerabilities to gain intelligence. As other countries came to match the United States' ability to spy, the government has become more concerned with patching up flaws. That's going to decrease everyone's ability to spy. Security will come at the expense of surveillance.

Bruce Schneier, Renowned Security Technologist

Waldron said the US government's decision to ban Huawei tech has cemented the idea that Chinese tech companies are closely tied to the Chinese government and that that association can't be undone at this point.

The US has its own history of putting unprotected communications devices out into the world. A recent report from the Washington Post detailed how the CIA secretly ran a cryptography company, selling machines with backdoors to governments around the world under the auspices of Crypto AG."All countries are engaged in spying," Waldron said. "I don't think that's a surprise to anyone."

Governments and industry organizations should work together on unified cybersecurity standards. These standards should be technology-neutral and apply equally to all companies and networks. Over many years, the telecom industry has made great strides in delivering continuity, reliability, and compatibility across telecom networks by developing shared, unified standards. As MIT Media Lab cofounder Nicholas Negroponte wrote in an article on Fast Company, "Telecommunications policy should be based on objective standards, not geopolitical issues."


IoT is driving an exponential increase in data. That data can be you most valuable business asset – if you are able to control it. Things and are distributed most IoT environment are highly distributed.


IoT is driving an exponential increase in data. That data can be you most valuable business asset – if you are able to control it. Things and are distributed most IoT environment are highly distributed.

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Ennoconn Group and Google Cloud Partner to Digitally Transform its Global Open AI-of-Things Cloud Platform

The Ennoconn Group, a global leader in Industrial IoT and embedded technology within Design Manufacturing Services (DMS), IT & system integration services, and Google Cloud have agreed to a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming Ennoconn's manufacturing systems and creating new products, services, and industrial manufacturing methods for its international customer base in core industries including Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Financial Services and Media & Entertainment among others. "We're driving to become an AIoT cloud-services company and to create new business models around Innovation Platform Convergence (IPC). Working with Google Cloud as our strategic partner for innovation, we will leverage its infrastructure, platform and expertise to advance our existing DMS workflow and develop new cloud-based products, services and solutions. By delivering innovative access to content and services in new combinations across multiple platforms, we believe we will disrupt the Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) industry and create value that differentiates us to our partners and customers worldwide." Steve Chu, CEO and chairman, Ennoconn Modernizing for efficiency across Ennoconn's global operations The first aspect of the collaboration will involve Ennoconn migrating its business-critical sales, marketing, and operations systems from its on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud to realize greater efficiency and save resources. Ennoconn will also use Google Cloud's computing, data storage and analytics to power its digital management production tools for greater visibility across its design-chain and supply-chain, including manufacturing floor assembly, integration, testing, and packaging. This, in turn, will translate into more streamlined design timelines for Ennoconn, and the ability to deliver more predictive designs, support, and manufacturing services to market with speed and confidence. Accelerating Ennoconn's business transformation and creating new revenue models Another core pillar of the collaboration will include Ennoconn building on its current worldwide IoT embedded technology, DMS, IT and System Integration Services and advancing its enterprise-wide Digitalization-as-a-Service (DaaS) strategy to deliver innovative Google Cloud-connected Ennoconn manufacturing products and services. Ennoconn is rapidly developing next-generation information and operational technology (IT/OT), artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), AI, and 5G-enabled solutions and services for its partners and customers. Working with Google Cloud will give Ennoconn the added ability to digitally monitor, maintain, and control manufacturing equipment and processes on behalf of partners and customers. It will also enable the company to unlock the value of component data and optimize its facilities and workflows in real time as a design-build manufacturer. This integration and host of new solutions and services also means Ennoconn's customers will be able to harness Google Cloud's secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to flexibly deploy cloud-native support solutions across their choice of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or as-a-service models, thereby modernizing their own operations for long-term success. Creating a new wave of Ennoconn-Google integrated solutions for manufacturers worldwide Lastly, Ennoconn and Google Cloud have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate in different areas to power collaboration and communication across the Ennoconn'ss core industries. Ennoconn plans to develop and resell equipment and solutions for Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Google's wearable computer for hands-free industrial work, and Google Meet, Google's comprehensive cloud-based enterprise video communications and collaboration platform. In addition, Ennoconn intends to create Google Meet-compliant hardware and related products to serve its vast customer base across industries. "Staying ahead in today's hyper-competitive and globalized manufacturing industry requires leveraging best-in-class technologies to deliver value-added services. We're thrilled to partner with Ennoconn to accelerate its Digitalization-as-a-Service strategy, and to explore new solutions and services that have the potential to transform the design and manufacturing supply chain." Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud About Ennoconn Group Ennoconn Group, a global technology solutions provider delivers world-class Industrial IoT and Embedded Technology, Design Manufacturing Services, IT & System Integration Services into high-growth markets including, Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Financial Services and Media & Entertainment. With a commitment to Digital Transformation, Ennoconn's 'Digitalization as a Service' strategy integrates and delivers manufacturing systems with emerging technology solutions that address the revolutionary demand in cloud data storage, machine learning / AIoT / 5G / Cloud IoT Integration with a Digital Transformation strategy across all internal design, manufacturing and supply chain platforms and disciplines. About Google Cloud Google Cloud accelerates organizations' ability to digitally transform their business with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google's cutting-edge technology – all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

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