US eDirect collaborates with Esri, the world leader in location intelligence to deliver a smarter campground reservation process

US eDirect | December 29, 2021

US eDirect is pleased to announce that campers in two highly visited outdoors destinations can now enjoy an innovative way to select the ideal campsite.

US eDirect, which delivers a comprehensive digital application focused on outdoor recreation reservation and financial management, leveraged Esri's ArcGIS software, which provides geospatial location services that serve countless industries, to innovate the reservation experience.  

US eDirect deployed Esri's technology to deliver a smarter campground reservation process, which virtually places the website visitor on the ground to better understand amenities and recreation opportunities through a more intuitive experience using powerful maps.

US eDirect worked with its customers at state parks in Florida and Ohio to deploy this new interactive technology across all sites available in each state agency's campground system.

The deployment time was significantly reduced by leveraging the state parks' authoritative spatial data and Esri ArcGIS.

US eDirect President & CEO Tony Alex said the Esri integration portends future innovation aimed at enhancing the camping reservation experience.

"We're honored to secure this unique opportunity to work alongside our customers in Ohio and Florida to bring this innovative mapping solution to life for the benefit of millions of campers annually," Alex said. "These are two of the premier park systems in the world, and Esri is the gold standard in mapping excellence so it's a powerful blend of great technologies and incredible human talent that gives the camper nuanced information to make a more informed campsite decision and provides our shared team the opportunity to innovate even further."

The highlights of this new application include:
  • An interactive map at all levels (parks, campgrounds and units) where users can move around, as well as zoom in and out
  • The ability to switch campgrounds by clicking on the boundaries of the desired one
  • The ability to have basemaps, traditional maps, satellite views or any other map relevant to the end user
  • The ability to add different layers to the map: Customers like Florida and Ohio can decide to add layers such as Trails and Points of interest

"By integrating the customer's authoritative park asset data already in their GIS, US eDirect is able to provide customers with a shorter runway to deploy the reservation system, reducing duplicative efforts to map these reservation assets, and provide guests with a more intuitive way to browse available reservations. This paves the way for greater insight and analysis."

Sunny Fleming, National Solutions Engineer – Environmental, State Government at Esri

About US eDirect
US eDirect is a global leader in outdoors recreation and activities software with dozens of public agencies counted among customers. The New York-based technology firm develops, deploys and supports a comprehensive suite of solutions under the Recreation Dynamics brand that support everything from public-facing campsite reservations to agency-facing e-commerce solutions. US eDirect has more than 100 employees based around the globe supporting customers from New Zealand and British Columbia to the Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and California, Virginia and Alabama state park systems.

About Esri
Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping, helps customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Founded in 1969 in Redlands, California, USA, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations globally and in over 200,000 institutions in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofits, and universities. Esri has regional offices, international distributors, and partners providing local support in over 100 countries on six continents. With its pioneering commitment to geospatial information technology, Esri engineers the most innovative solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.



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Aeris, a leading global Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions provider, has announced the closing of the purchase of Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator (IoT-A) and Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) businesses and related assets. Ericsson will establish a small stake in the new Aeris. The new Aeris serves thousands of customers across a wide range of industries - including healthcare, fleet, utilities and automotive - safely connecting tens of millions of IoT devices and providing intelligent solutions enabling IoT programs to scale and succeed, everywhere. The Aeris Connected Vehicle business will help a growing list of Automotive OEMs to deploy, monetize and evolve their connected vehicle programs. The powerful combination of the merged businesses creates one of the largest IoT-first connectivity management service platforms,1 with operational capabilities worldwide. In combination with its ecosystem of partners across the globe, Aeris will focus on delivering innovative IoT products, services, and solutions to enterprises that accelerate digital transformation, drive operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Marc Jones, Chairman and CEO of Aeris commented, “We look forward to integrating the Ericsson IoT and Connected Vehicle businesses to create the new Aeris. We have a long history of bringing intelligent innovation to the IoT space and now have additional talent, technology, and partnerships to bring that innovation to enterprises looking to simplify, secure and scale IoT around the world.” An expanded IoT partner ecosystem and broader global and regional footprint will enable multinational enterprises to more effectively scale their IoT programs. Dr Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance, one of Aeris’ new global Communication Service Provider partners, stated, “Bridge Alliance’s collaboration with Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator has cemented our position as the IoT gateway to Asia-Pacific, presenting a unique multi-domestic regional connectivity proposition that is supported by our market-leading member operators across our extensive footprint. We look forward to working with Aeris and leveraging its extended IoT portfolio and industry offerings to bring value-added services to enterprise customers through our alliance members.” Aeris will not only help enterprises effectively scale, but also solve other common business challenges in IoT. According to Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence, “The marriage of Aeris and the former Ericsson businesses delivers a combination of global infrastructure engineered to meet specialized enterprise cellular IoT customer requirements and a wealth of expertise in understanding the challenges associated with scaling deployments across multiple international mobile networks.” With a history of AI-driven innovation spanning decades, a security-first mindset, and a growing ecosystem of global partners, Aeris will drive the successful, sustainable growth of both the IoT and Connected Vehicle markets and bring intelligent innovation to our customers and the global IoT market. About Aeris Aeris, the leading IoT solution provider, infuses innovation in everything we do. Founded in 1996, we have decades of experience powering the world’s most secure, smart and scalable IoT solutions. Aeris’ offering is based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, spanning connectivity up to vertical applications and solutions. As veterans of the industry, we know that implementing an IoT solution can be complex, and we pride ourselves on making it simpler – while helping customers quickly monetize, optimize and gain deeper visibility and control into their connected device and vehicle programs around the world.

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Epishine and Atmosic Offer Low Power Wireless Solutions for IoT

Atmosic Technologies | March 09, 2023

On March 08, 2023, Epishine and Atmosic collaborated to create a self-powered ultrathin beacon. Both parties manufacture energy-harvesting components. In addition, Atmosic Technologies has developed ultra-low-power wireless systems to reduce the energy consumption of connected devices significantly. When Atmosic's ATM3 Bluetooth system-on-chips (SoCs) and Epishine's indoor solar cell are combined, the beacon can operate without batteries. This will dramatically reduce battery waste and promote a more sustainable and battery-free Internet of Things, in addition to lowering the total cost of ownership(TCO) by a substantial amount. The partnership highlights the potential for electronic companies to design self-powered devices, including Internet of Things sensors, retail solutions (such as electronic shelf labels), and consumer electronics. It also illustrates that energy harvesting is the industry's future, as the field of energy harvesting is expanding rapidly. Epishine's high-performance, dependable indoor solar cell is manufactured in Sweden through an innovative roll-to-roll process. The solar cell is flexible and thin, allowing for simple incorporation into various applications. Given Epishine's strong environmental focus and the enormous potential for sustainability in buildings, assisting companies in making IoT devices self-powered is its priority. With beacons as well as other connected devices that do not require disposable batteries, buildings can improve operational efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Buildings are accountable for 40% of the world's CO2 emissions, so partnerships like these are essential for reducing those emissions. With Atmosic's Lowest Power Radio and Controlled Energy Harvesting technologies, the company's innovative ATM3 SoCs provide industry-leading power efficiency. Atmosic's ultra-low power solutions are ideal for various connected devices, such as beacons, remote controls, asset trackers, mice, keyboards, and wearables. About Atmosic Technologies Atmosic Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company based in Campbell (California) specializing in innovative ultra-low power wireless solutions. Their mission is to revolutionize the Internet of Things by reducing device dependency on batteries, providing forever battery life, and enabling the battery-free connected IoT. Its products significantly lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining IoT ecosystems in various segments such as Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise, and Smart Cities. They also prioritize reducing ecological impacts and aim to reduce battery consumption in the IoT dramatically.

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Energous Corporation a leading developer of RF-based intelligent wireless power networks, announced the launch of a new 2 Watt conducted power transmitter, which addresses the growing power demands from the rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem across supply chain, logistics, retail, industrial and agricultural industries. The 2W PowerBridge transmitter doubles the energizing capability of Energous’ 1W transmitter currently deployed in the field, continuing towards Energous’ goal of freeing IoT devices from the constraints of replaceable batteries and charging cords and extending power and range. The number of IoT devices continues to expand, especially in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Energous’ 2W PowerBridge helps reduce the need for replaceable batteries and charging cables, and is capable of powering IoT devices in these settings at distance and with reduced need for maintenance or human intervention, enabling a more automated workflow and deployment of Active Energy Wireless Power Networks. “Our new 2W PowerBridge represents our continued commitment to advancing and improving our Wireless Power Networks infrastructure to meet the power demands of today’s IoT deployments. This reinforces our leadership in the development of Active Energy Wireless Power Networks,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “As the IoT ecosystem continues to grow, this transmitter will enable RF-based wireless power to provide better RF coverage and power levels. Customers will now have multiple options to optimize their networks by combining our 1W and 2W PowerBridges.” Energous PowerBridges are designed to drive transformation across the entire IoT ecosystem. These devices not only have the capability of wirelessly charging multiple devices simultaneously from a distance using RF-based wireless power, but they can also function as data links for connected IoT devices. This enables them to communicate valuable data and insights back to the cloud. The 2W PowerBridge will be available for testing via our 2W Evaluation Kit by the end of Q2 2023. About Energous Corporation Energous Corporation is the Wireless Power Network global leader. Its award-winning WattUp® solution is the only technology that supports both contact and distance charging through a fully compatible ecosystem. Built atop fast, efficient, and highly scalable RF-based charging technology, WattUp is positioned to offer improvements over older, first-generation coil-based charging technologies in power, efficiency, foreign device detection, freedom of movement and overall cost for industrial and retail IoT, smart homes, smart cities and medical devices. Energous develops silicon-based wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies and customizable reference designs, and provides worldwide regulatory assistance, a reliable supply chain, quality assurance, and sales and technical support to global customers. The company received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance wireless charging and has been awarded over 200 patents for its WattUp wireless charging technology to-date.

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