Yaana Launches New Capabilities to Offer Deep Analytics of IoT Mobile Roaming Traffic to Increase Profitability

Yaana | March 07, 2022

Yaana Solutions, a leading provider of intelligent analytics solutions for mobile operators and groups, today announced the release of a new suite of features designed for analytics and monetization of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications commercial deals for Internet of Things (IoT) within the NeuString Roaming Analytics solution. The NeuString Analytics platform already supports the most advanced commercial modelling within wholesale discount roaming agreements, and the launch of M2M support further extends its capabilities to manage and analyze the full scope of the mobile wholesale business.

Mobile operators globally are finding it challenging to monetize IoT connections because of the limitations imposed by commercial agreements as well as the complexity that surrounds them. This new set of NeuString Analytics platform features provides a fully integrated financial analysis and control of differentiated data pricing adding a range of new commercial modelling specific to the IoT business. This adds M2M commercial deals into NeuString Analytics' Deal life cycle management, where the initial business case is used and applied for negotiation, contract creation, monitoring, and reporting through to settlement.

The characteristics of the IoT business models differ significantly from standard roaming data traffic-based business models. While the concept of the models may be simple, the access to relevant data and the analysis is not. The level of detail that is required to perform the accurate analysis is high, as are the volumes.  NeuString Analytics is designed to manage this complexity and to provide actionable information to commercial managers. IoT is a natural extension of the Yaana NeuString Roaming Analytics platform for a large number of major groups and operators globally using the services actively.

Within weeks of launch, Yaana Solutions has already seen a very high adoption within its client base committing to adding M2M capabilities to their existing NeuString services. "Our customers are seeing tremendous value in the new M2M module by upgrading their existing solution. The biggest driver is to monetize the IoT traffic with the already existing digital workflow," said Ms. Eva Gildum, Vice President at Yaana Solutions.

About Yaana Solutions
Yaana Solutions is a leading global provider of a wide range of intelligent analytics solutions including accurate data retention, big-data search and disclosure, and advanced security and application-specific analytics. Our solutions offer our customers a cost-effective path to address the complexities related to data analytics in the rapidly evolving information communications and cloud markets worldwide.


The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities for manufacturers— provided they can master all of the data generated by these connected devices. Capitalizing on IoT insights can lead to new revenue streams, improved customer experiences, and innovative product designs which can be further leveraged for competitive advanta


The Internet of Things offers countless opportunities for manufacturers— provided they can master all of the data generated by these connected devices. Capitalizing on IoT insights can lead to new revenue streams, improved customer experiences, and innovative product designs which can be further leveraged for competitive advanta

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Hologram's eUICC SIM Offers Network Fallback for IoT Devices

Hologram | February 23, 2023

Hologram, the industry-leading cellular connectivity platform for the Internet of Things, has introduced the next-generation Hyper SIM with network fallback functionality. The global eUICC SIM integrates directly with leading carriers in the United States and Canada, enabling network fallback to maintain device connectivity intelligently. While millions of IoT devices utilize global roaming agreements for cost-effective global access, increasing international connectivity restrictions and specific IoT connectivity requirements, traditional SIMs with roaming profiles no longer suffice for IoT. Next-gen Hyper SIM provides direct access to carriers in the US and Canada, ensuring operator-guaranteed connectivity for global IoT deployments. With native profiles, Hyper SIM provides high-performance IoT connectivity for industrial robotics, video streaming, autonomous drones, and more. In addition to performance, IoT applications such as payment processing, security monitoring, and micromobility, among others, require continuous connectivity resistant to network failures. Therefore, the next-generation Hyper SIM incorporates network fallback, an intelligent profile management agent that switches eUICC profiles automatically when native connectivity is unavailable. With network fallback, Hyper SIMs can connect to high-performance native profiles as their primary connectivity source without compromising the advantages of multi-carrier and route redundancy provided by global roaming profiles. Ben Forgan, Co-Founder and CEO of Hologram, shared, "When we launched Hyper in 2020, we turned connectivity into software, offering the first eUICC IoT global SIM." He added, "We're bringing that innovation to the next level to address the needs of the sophisticated IoT applications we're seeing today. Whether streaming video or autonomous drones, the next generation of Hyper gives connected devices the low latency delivered from native performance with the reliability and flexibility of global roaming they now require." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Hologram Hologram empowers innovators worldwide to build the future. The company provides cellular connectivity, software, and support to connect and manage IoT devices anywhere in the world. With its Hyper IoT SIM cards, IoT devices enjoy superior performance backed by eUICC technology designed to last the lifetime of deployments. The company's streamlined tools allow teams to make data-driven decisions and manage operations easily. Its dashboard shows device performance, manages spend, and equips teams for the future, all in one place.

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Sierra Wireless Offers Smart Connectivity Premium with eUICC Specifications

Sierra Wireless | February 01, 2023

On January 31, 2023, Sierra Wireless, one of the leading IoT solutions providers, introduced the Smart Connectivity Premium and extended coverage in the U.S. with eUICC specifications. GSMA eSIM, the specification for eUICC, designs this connectivity across the globe with various technologies. If service becomes unreachable, it will switch between networks and profiles in about 190 countries, including the three leading carrier networks in the U.S. Principal Analyst at Juniper Research, Scarlett Woodford, said, “eUICC software allows for increased flexibility in consumer and industrial use cases, with both sectors benefiting from the enhanced network coverage realized by eSIM connectivity. Within the IoT space, a connected device benefits from the same level of coverage whilst roaming as it would when connected to its local network. IoT stakeholders will benefit from the profile swap and localization abilities afforded by eSIM technology. That is, eSIMs will allow roaming devices to download local profiles, enabling logistics managers to monitor these profiles remotely.” (Source – Business Wire) Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Development at Kigen, Jean-Philippe Betoin, said, “Sierra Wireless has been a valued partner of Kigen for many years. This new offering enables customers to access more networks via Kigen eSIM, enabling future-proofed IoT managed connectivity for global applications. With industrial IoT increasingly becoming business-critical, resilient connectivity options are essential.” (Source – Business Wire) Vice President of Semtech’s IoT Connected Services Group, Ross Gray, said, “Using eUICC capabilities for expanded network access and coverage further strengthens Sierra Wireless’ global IoT managed connectivity offering for customers. Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity service simplifies how customers connect and manage their deployments. With one global SIM, it accelerates IoT time-to-market, ensures resilient global coverage, maximizes uptime, reduces operational costs, and provides IoT customers with seamless expansion into new markets with access to over 600 partner networks in over 190 countries. Now, thanks to our partnerships with the leading U.S. carriers, it also offers expanded coverage in the United States as well.” (Source – Business Wire) About Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless, a subsidiary of Semtech Company, is one of the leading IoT solution providers in the world, connecting network services, devices, and software. It offers technology solutions for wireless cellular modules, integrated embedded processing, open-source applications, 4G cloud-managed LTE routers, eSIMs, and 5G vehicle routers. It has about 200 patents in wireless technologies from about 600 partner networks. It empowers businesses with connectivity, connects devices with data, and provides real-time and accurate insights.

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KORE Simplifies Deployment, Management, and Security of IoT Solutions with Amazon Web Services

KORE Wireless | January 06, 2023

Kore, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and solutions, is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify the deployment, management, and security of large-scale IoT systems. Its OmniSIM SAFE connectivity solution is an eSIM that uses the GSMA IoT SIM Applet for Secure End-to-End standard to enable device manufacturers and IoT providers to use the SIM as a root of trust to protect IoT data communications. With the AWS-integrated OmniSIM SAFE solution, Kore is making it easier for device manufacturers and IoT providers to take advantage of the power of an eSIM with its added layer of security. "IoT is positioned to grow exponentially through this decade as organizations seek ways to optimize and streamline operations. An estimated 75 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2030, but with those connected devices comes a unique set of challenges. IoT security can be an area of concern across industries due to a lack of standardization and a fragmented ecosystem – this broadened landscape of devices exposes more security attack surfaces in kind. We are proud to deliver innovation in IoT security by using AWS." KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl "We are incredibly proud of KORE's leadership in the eSIM space and could not be more excited about the power of their technology powered by AWS and the Energy Web stack. We are on the cusp of a digital revolution for energy systems across the world; technologies like these must be deployed at scale in order for governments and corporations around the world to achieve decarbonization targets by 2030." Jesse Morris, CEO of Energy Web Foundation AWS IoT Core connects with the SIM to simplify secure device provisioning and management, as well as message routing to AWS services. The solution supports zero-touch provisioning, enabling devices to be paired with the cloud with minimal physical intervention. Kore's OmniSIM SAFE connectivity solution leverages AWS IoT Core and the GSMA IoT SIM Applet for Secure End-to-End standards to offer an easy, secure, and reliable way of connecting and provisioning devices. About KORE KORE is a pioneer, a leader, and a trusted advisor in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. By making IoT less complicated, we give organizations of all sizes the tools they need to improve their operational and business results. Our deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and quick and flexible deployment speed up and have a big impact on the business outcomes of our customers.

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