. https://TheInternetOfThings.report/Resources/Whitepapers/57159844-e09f-424c-b4a1-f6426b1dd5ea_Data-Driven.pdf
The most challenging part for me personally when writing a blog is to find the relevant data driven statistics about that particular topic. Often it takes a considerable amount of time to figure out the relevant data. More recently, however, my twitter postings on different topics has provided me the opportunity to dig out these statistics from various sources. Eventually these statistics can be used in various places in my blogs. Rather than scrolling endlessly over my twitter profile to find a relevant data statistic, I decided to put together an infographic blog of all the statistics, facts & trends related data on a broad range of topics, in an infographic blog for further referencing for myself & my followers on other mediums. Hope they are of use to you. This is as far as I could go back on my Twitter feed. Hopefully will be posting these statistics on a monthly basis going forward. Let the data digging begin! DOWNLOAD