Solving Edge Communication Challenges for Industrial IoT

September 23, 2021 | 8:30PM | USA

As enterprises shift from basic automation to full digital transformation to bring new, innovative devices to the market, IoT solution providers face challenges in developing and delivering capabilities that fully match business goals and expectations.

From an IT perspective, in an ideal world, every device in an enterprise system, including sensors, actuators, cameras and others, is connected via a hardwire connection and can be accessed effortlessly for maintenance, servicing, updating and configuration. That is easy to accomplish if the enterprise network exists inside four walls and every device is physically reachable.
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The Internet of Things Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Understanding the risks to Operational Technology (OT)

October 07, 2021 | 10 AM | EST

Operational technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have traditionally been managed separately. With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and the changing threat and risk landscape, industrial, manufacturing and critical infrastructure companies are bringing together their OT, IT and IoT networks to achieve a combined cyber and risk plan to prevent future cyberattacks. The incoming Critical Infrastructure Bill is aimed at driving action in this direction and organisations must start to prepare now to secure their IT as well their OT / IoT infrastructure.
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Beyond IoT | AI - VR - AR

October 28, 2021 | | EST

Immersive technologies such as VR, AR and MR have been growing in popularity, making it increasingly difficult to separate the physical and digital worlds. Not only are these extended realities being used for leisure and gamification, but also in business. From healthcare to manufacturing to retail to transportation, the rapid growth of these disruptive technologies will be a gamechanger for businesses looking to gain new perspectives on their operations and opportunities. Immersive technologies are taken to new levels by integrating concepts such as AI, predictive analytics and digital twins. Join us on Thursday October 28, 2021 for Beyond IoT, where we will discuss how these new tech innovations are merging the physical, digital, and virtual worlds.
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Best Practice for Communications Service Providers in delivering the IoT

November 09, 2021 | 4 PM | EST

Transforma Insights publishes an annual CSP IoT Benchmarking report looking at the capabilities of many leading global connectivity providers across networks, platforms vertical applications and many other functions. This webinar looks at the key trends in the space as well as highlighting best practice.
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Smart Money 4.0

November 18, 2021 | | EST

The world as we know it is constantly changing, shifting, and evolving and so are the financial systems and the ways we track, exchange, and invest our money. We invite you to join us on Thursday November 18 as IoT Marketing and Industry Insights Webinars present “Smart Money 4.0.” Our panel of experts, thought leaders, and solution providers will share how advanced technologies are creating a wealth of data that may be more valuable than cash itself. Join us on November 18 for “Smart Money 4.0,” where we will discuss the technologies bringing digital transformation to the finance, investment, and banking sectors.
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