Navigating Regulatory Complexity for Wireless Products


A rapidly growing number of products include wireless and connected capabilities to compete in today’s market. But launching these products to the global marketplace can be complex, costly and time consuming. EMC, radio performance, radio frequency (RF) exposure and safety requirements are mandatory in most markets; however, there is no universal standard and regulations vary from country to country.

For example, when incorporating a wireless module into products, you must comply with wireless technology Type Approval requirements in over 100 countries. And, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, as regulatory and testing requirements can vary by market based on your device’s technology. Despite these obstacles, the benefits of cellular technology outweigh the challenges of certifying a wireless product, even in the most challenging markets.

Learn how wireless technology affects regulatory requirements and explore the various compliance routes for wireless Type Approvals necessary to launch your product to the global marketplace. During this one-hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn how technology affects your regulatory requirements
  • Explore key differences between a host and a module, and options you have based on the type of module selected
  • Gain an overview of testing requirements for wireless devices
  • Receive an introduction to U.S. (FCC) and European Union (Radio Equipment Directive) standards
  • Understand various compliance routes for wireless Type Approvals when selling globally

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