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A Guide to Creating New Citizen Experience in IoT-Based Smart Cities

June 19, 2018 / Alex Grizhnevich

Cities turn to IoT technologies to solve various tasks: optimize city management, ensure better service delivery, increase energy savings, etc. Busy with these tasks, they often lose sight of the central goal – catering for citizens.  No wonder people start perceiving IoT-based smart city solutions as having questionable value for citizens. In this article, we prove the opposite and explain how to build a city that creates new experience for city dwellers. Let’s keep it simple: citizen-centric approach starts with a clear vision. With a focus on infrastructure and services, smart city development is driven by separate, unrelated projects. To become truly smart, cities need to move forward to an integrated approach, building a holistic platform with well-defined interfaces. It will help cities deal with large-scale streams of data, leaving space for integration and expansion, as well as address the following key goals.