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With 80 Countries and Counting, Senet LoRaWAN Platform Adds Features

July 24, 2018 / Cynthia S. Artin

Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) connectivity platforms are gaining in popularity, particularly as the roll out of 5G networks lags, and alternatives like Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) are turning out to be more expensive and complex than developers initially imagined. One of the advantages of standing up LoRaWAN networks is economics. LoRa’s parts are affordable (including transceiver chips) and work with a family of highly integrated base station chips with high capacity, which developers have been using to build simple to sophisticated point to multipoint networks. LoRa runs on unlicensed spectrum, not direct sequence spread spectrum technology using an unmodulated carrier in an FM chirp, and while LoRa is perfect for certain applications (which don’t require real-time “pinging” of endpoints for example), it’s not appropriate for all IoT and IIoT use cases.