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Opinion: Who are the winners in our connected future?

August 06, 2018 / Hayim Porat

There’s a reason why IoT is so hyped in the industry. It promises huge advancements in connectivity, communications and data collection across a broad range of industries and use cases. While some predictions claim that IoT will transform consumer and manufacturing technology as we know it, there is growing skepticism in its viability. Specifically, since up till now, IoT did not deliver on its promise in areas such as consumer IoT and smart cities. So the question remains: Is the business case really there? To take a deeper look, it can be helpful to begin with the 5G-related IoT business case.   The IoT Business Case Starts with 5G-5G is currently considered to be the connectivity driver enabling the sought after proliferation of IoT – the two are portrayed as inherently tied.