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Semtech’s LoRa Technology Integrated in Smart Fire Evacuation System

August 09, 2018 / IoT.Business.News

HEX’s exit signs connect to the Cloud allowing safer navigation in hazardous environments. Semtech Corporation, announced collaboration with HEX SAFETY (HEX), a leading smart fire prevention company in Taiwan, to incorporate Semtech’s LoRa® devices and technology into its Dynamic Evacuation System.“Emergency data transmission is extremely important in a fire scene and Semtech’s LoRa Technology helps us to build a more stable solution,” said Hsiao-Mei Lin, General Manager of HEX SAFETY. HEX’s Dynamic Exit Signs integrated with LoRa Technology intuitively help people navigate complex hazardous zones in real-time by indicating the quickest and safest direction out of the premises. The conventional exit signs only signal where the closest exit is, which may mistakenly lead people into hazard zones. The HEX Dynamic Evacuation System communicates with the building’s existing fire alarm system and sends the safest direction to every HEX exit sign ...