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IoT devices: Chirp brings audio onboarding to Microsoft Azure

August 17, 2018 / Malek Murison

NEWSBYTE Acoustic networking specialist Chirp has inked a deal with Microsoft to integrate its technology into the Azure Cloud, paving the way for the simpler provisioning of new IoT devices. Chirp’s technology converts data into a soundwave (or ‘chirp’) that can be be picked up by any nearby device fitted with a microphone. Microsoft’s move will lower Azure provisioning times for IoT devices from minutes to a matter of seconds, according to Chirp CTO James Nesfield. Changing the way IoT devices are provisioned Adding a smart device to a new Wi-Fi network is often a long-winded process. Provisioning one on the Azure Cloud usually requires several minutes, as users turn their device into a WiFi hotspot, connect to it using a laptop or smartphone, and then set up its credentials.