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Dell launches smart vision IoT solutions in edge computing push

August 29, 2018 / Malek Murison

Dell Technologies has announced new solutions to support computer vision and machine intelligence applications from edge to cloud. The first target? Surveillance. Dell has collaborated with its partner ecosystem – particularly Intel – to develop surveillance solutions based on advanced computer vision and analytics technologies. These are ready to be applied to use cases in public safety, customer experience, and product inventory management, the company confirmed in a statement. Intel has a number of computer vision acquisitions and investments, including Movidius, the startup whose technology is used in leading autonomous drones and miniature camera Google Clips. Dell believes that customers taking advantage of its new computer vision and machine intelligence technology will be empowered by a new level of insight, seeing information that’s most relevant in the most literal sense. “Workloads and use cases for computer vision and machine intelligence require dif...