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You Are The Biggest IoT Security Threat

August 30, 2018 / COGNIZANT

As with many hyped technologies such as IoT, security is an overlooked topic. A major breach in IoT happened in 2017 when over 100,000 internet-connected security cameras were found to be vulnerable. Kimmo Aura, Program Director, Business Finland, Connectivity from Finland’s telecom acceleration program takes a look at the state of IoT security today. Lack of security is present in the consumer IoT market, personal and home devices and services as well as in the industrial IoT (IIoT) sector. Based on different research sources, the underlying reasons for security threats in the consumer and industrial markets are different, but the risks and damages to both can be irreparable and immeasurable in economic terms. Consumer IoT Security Over the next two years, the number of IoT devices entering households is predicted to climb steeply from nine devices per household currently to 500 by 2022 according to Gartner with IoT connectivity being bundled into products whether people want it...