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IoT implementation sails into windpower

August 29, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

North Sea wind farms are fighting some striking battles, and they aren’t about sealife. They began with the breakdown of Germany’s biggest turbine bearing structures after 15 weeks; predictive maintenance had planned for the structure to last 15 months. The result was a disastrous maintenance bill and a reengineering of the giant blades that appear to be the culprit: they literally shook the turbine to death, says Joseph Zulick of MRO Electric and Supply. A North Sea structure lost its main turbine housing this year, prompting engineers to determine that all 206 units of this size in the sea might need to be examined and refitted. The North Sea is the most violent wind and current area to have giant turbine farms in trouble, but other regions are having maintenance problems as well. (Also see) The role of predictive maintenance in design engineering for these giants jumps up the importance ladder every time a customer adds megawatts to the overall farm scheme. Monitoring wi...