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Tapping into Internet of Things to clean rivers and seas

September 03, 2018 / TERESA UMALI

According to a recent report, blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are being tapped into by a local cryptocurrency startup company to clean the world’s rivers and seas. Information technology startup CypherOdin Inc., together with cryptocurrency BOTcoin, will seek to install IoT devices on a river or body of water and also underwater to monitor water quality or tide levels and other relevant data. But before conquering the world, the company will start on its backyard, the Pasig River. The river connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay in the Philippines. Due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become polluted and is considered biologically dead by ecologists. They have identified the 27 kilometre long Pasig River as the firm’s first proof of concept (POC), being one of the dirtiest and most heavily polluted in the Philippines. The company first came up with the idea of showcasing how blockchain technology can solve real world problems and ...