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Laipac Technology Inc. launching the IoT Law Enforcement Bracelet S911 Enforcer

September 02, 2018 / IoT.Business.News

Laipac Technology Inc., a Richmond Hill, Ontario-based IoT technology development and design company, announced the S911 Enforcer, an IoT Smart Bracelet for Electronic Monitoring of Law Enforcement applications. The S911 Enforcer is a wearable Law Enforcement Bracelet used for house arrest and restraining order applications, constructed with Laipac’s award-winning GPS technologies. The S911 Enforcer uses a powerful Cortex processor with high sensitivity GNSS (GPS & GLONASS) receiver. This innovated security wearable device is equipped with programable geofences which instantly notifies the supervisor with alerts when the holder of the S911 Enforcer enters or exits a geofence. The S911 Enforcer is also equipped with a dedicated call button that can directly make two-way calls between the device holder and the designated call recipient. It has a loud-volume sound speaker and a sensitive microphone to ensure that calls and warning messages are heard.