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The Definitive Guide to The Internet of Things for Business, 3rd Edition

September 03, 2018 / IOT NOW MAGAZINE

The Internet of Things is hitting its stride. It is a critical enabler of digital transformation efforts happening around the globe. For consumers, businesses, and governments, IoT is playing an increasing role in how we consume information to make decisions and how we interact with the world around us. Successfully planning, deploying, and scaling IoT solutions is a challenge for businesses in every industry, and the goal of this book is to provide entry and insight into the IoT world. It also serves as a valuable guide for businesses who want to leverage IoT to expand revenue, stay relevant, and advance business objectives in the connected economy. Whether you want to attempt initial entry into the IoT-sphere, or expand your existing deployments, this book can help you meet your goals, providing deep understanding into all aspects of IoT, namely.