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Why the IoT needs more of an edge: Edge computing and the data centre

September 13, 2018 / Andrew Brinded

You know it’s 2018 when you are woken by your smart home to find your Google Assistant working on your shopping list, while Alexa informs you of your plans for the day. While talking to machines and delegating our least favourite tasks is undoubtedly progress, the Internet of Things takes us into a whole new category of connectivity. Here, machines talk to other machines and are even creating cities that are smart enough to administer themselves, without human intervention.In fact, the EU has the largest number of smart city initiatives in the world and if all goes to plan, at least one major city in each EU member state will have uninterrupted 5G wireless broadband coverage by 2020. We are of course some way from achieving truly smart cities and the reason for this, is that the systems that underpin them need to be harmonised. The measurement and management of all city life - from street lighting to crime fighting – still need to be standardised, due to differences over la...