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Verizon Enterprise 5G Focus Unique Among Operators, Says GlobalData

September 27, 2018 / Ken Briodagh

Verizon’s view of 5G as the growth engine of the future to revolutionize primary vertical industries by enabling ‘real time’ business processes is unique among operators, said data and analytics company GlobalData in a recent report. As only few 5G services have been launched and not many are expected to be launched until next year or the following year, the associated use cases have been vague. 5G is certainly viewed with excitement by the industry, but concrete descriptions of plans, products, services and enterprise use cases have been in short supply. Recently, Verizon described 2020 as the beginning of the period in which 5G and multi-access edge computing will enable the next exponential growth opportunities for enterprise services. “Verizon’s view of the role of 5G in its enterprise services portfolio goes several steps further,” said Kathryn Weldon, Technology Research Director, GlobalData. “Its view is that with the advent of 5G, the I...