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Will Private IP Networks Solve for IoT Security? The Answer May Be in Endpoint Management Made Lighter and Less Expensive by Evolved Connectivity

October 05, 2018 / Shrey Fadia

There seem to be an endless ways to secure the IoT and Industrial IoT, and yet the industry continues to struggle with the challenges, so much so that many observers believe security may be the only thing holding the IoT back from faster growth. A lot has been written about the security stack for connected things, and as companies from start-ups to tech giants continue to develop their piece of the solution, working in massive ecosystems, participating in unprecedented open source community projects like EdgeX Foundry, joining global standards organizations like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) which has more than 500 members, we are starting to see increasing fragmentation. This is not unusual in early-stage industries like IoT: investment, debate, multiple standards, development of hundreds of IoT platforms, successful projects, failed projects, and projects that never get out of the Proof-of-Concept stage. Ultimately, things shake out, consolidation happens, and to the winne...