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SK Telecom launches rental car service on its IoT network

October 04, 2018 / Ryan Daws

South Korea is getting a car rental service which uses the IoT network of the nation’s largest operator, SK Telecom. SK Telecom’s affiliate, SK Networks, is launching the car rental service. The former will be providing its LTE Cat M1 network for checking the status of cars in real-time. Being a Cat M1 network, data transfer speeds are low but also require little power. With a rate of 300kbps, it’s just enough to monitor vital information about the vehicles. SK Networks will use the IoT network to check usage, engine status, and whether any malfunction codes have been flagged by its cars. In the future, the companies plan to track how safe each driver is while in control of the rental vehicle. This information could be used to provide discounts on an individual basis for those who are more responsible behind the wheel. The latest service launch is part of a wider drive by SK Telecom to show off the capabilities of its networks for IoT purposes.