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The 3 Critical Drivers of IoT Project Delivery

December 10, 2018 / bigdata

William Osler was right on the money when he quoted that the ‘future is today’. Several enterprises promote their innovation techniques with this tagline, more so when it comes to the Internet of Things. Most of us already have smart speakers, or are considering getting one for ourselves. Its ability to comprehend commands issued makes it indispensable to homes and offices alike. But how exactly does it do this? From wanting the volume up to setting alarm reminders, it all comes down to the data that transmits across interconnected devices, transforming cognitive abilities of man and machine to a reality. Projects under the IoT wing are technically-complex and richly diverse, requiring a deep dive into the critical drivers that not only let you manage expectations but sets a realistic progression curve, some of which are as follows – Resource planning with a hyper-specialty skills inventory Given that IoT projects involve several hyper-specialized skills, as demands f...