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Major IoT Advancements That Businesses Will Witness in 2019

December 11, 2018 / CIOReview

IoT is disrupting the world for better. People are taking this process and turning any devices into an IoT device, and therefore developers and users are finding new ways to exploit this powerful concept of connected things.  Listed below are a few ways to keep track of these technologies. • Regulation With the advent of new technology, the levels of regulations surrounding that technology also raise. Well, IoT has raised many concerns regarding its security measures, and 2019 is all set to see the legislatures and regulatory entities start enforcing revised and new laws. Vendors and users are expected to be mindful of regulations dealing with the user data collection, retentions and security. Most IoT users usually collect data in abundance; however if one doesn’t follow proper security measures, this data can be hampered. • Stringent Security The high-profile data breaches in this year have cleared that security demands more investment than what the companies spe...