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Illuminating Factories - Industrial IoT Starts with Smarter Lighting Systems

December 12, 2018 / Cynthia S. Artin

Ever think about the effects IoT is having on the automotive industry? Of course, electric cars, advanced in-vehicle assistants, maybe even self-driving pods are what come to mind. But have you ever considered how new technologies are changing the facilities that are responsible for manufacturing the next era of vehicles? Automotive plants are some of the fastest adopters of Industry 4.0 technology, a movement that promises long term pay-offs like cheaper day-to-day operating costs and optimization insights that result in operational quality and consistency we could have only imagined a few decades ago. Why not start in the factory? According to Current, a technology division of GE focused on intelligent lighting, auto companies are leveraging the energy efficiency and sensor data made available with ubiquitous LED lighting. When customers realize LEDs are uniquely positioned above all the activity on a factory floor, you could say they “see the light” when it comes to unde...