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Iguazio powers the intelligent edge for smart retail and IoT solutions with Google cloud

December 12, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Iguazio, the serverless platform for intelligent applications, announced it is partnering with Google Cloud to enable real-time AI across the cloud and intelligent edge. Google Cloud and Iguazio’s hybrid cloud is enabling Trax, the provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retail, to benefit from Kubernetes and a cloud-native architecture without managing its underlying infrastructure. Trax’s retail solutions leverage image recognition and predictive analytics to efficiently manage the physical shelf for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers. “At Trax, we’re digitising the world of retail by monitoring, predicting and optimising store-and-field performance in real-time to improve on-shelf availability, optimise click-and-collect processes and modernise the shopping experience,” said Trax chief technology officer, Yair Adato. “We recognised that we needed an edge-to-cloud solution that was built for speed, scale and intelli...