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Xiaomi uses the Mi Mix 3 5G edition to demonstrate next-gen IoT

December 12, 2018 / Deirdre O Donnell

Xiaomi has showcased the fact that 5G is for IoT devices too. This was done via a Tweet by a company spokesperson, containing a video showing how quickly the 5G-enabled variant of the Mi Mix 3 could relay commands to a connected lamp. Therefore, 5G may be an exciting prospect for smart-home fans too. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is one of the few phones available today that has been augmented with the new 5G-NR wireless data standard for SIM-enabled devices. The next-gen bands and frequencies could result in significantly improve data-transfer speeds while reducing transfer latency and improving data-flow volumes. Consumers may only think of 5G connectivity in terms of smartphones and possibly some laptops. However, it could also boost speeds for other smart devices as well. They may include the 'things' in Internet of Things (IoT) once day.