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Orange Business Services to Help Digitalize Veolia’s Remote Water Meter Reading Services in France

December 19, 2018 / IoT.Business.News

Fully dedicated to developing innovative and largely digital services, Nova Veolia and its subsidiary Birdz, a pioneer in the remote metering of energy consumption for Smart Cities, have chosen Orange Business Services to help them digitalize Veolia’s water-related services in France. Their goal is to read more than 70% of their meters remotely by 2027. Over 3 million water meters will be connected to Orange’s LoRa® network in France Veolia’s IoT expert Birdz collects millions of data items daily via its intelligent water meters to help its clients (local communities, manufacturers, third parties and retail customers) reduce their energy bills and improve their services. The Birdz solutions allow customers to visualize and predict their consumption and detect atypical consumption (e.g.: water leaks) and instances of fraud.