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The right tools for monetising IoT: Don’t use a B1 bomber in a local insurrection

December 20, 2018 / ANASIA D'MELLO

It’s all very well to have a flow of data from IoT-enabled sensors and devices, but if you don’t have the necessary tools to monetise the data you may as well not bother.  Beyond that, Lewis Carr, senior director of Product Marketing at Actian tells Jeremy Cowan of IoT Now you need to understand how much IoT data you can process and how much raw data you can throw away. IoT Now: As more devices such as watches, cars and refrigerators, become “smart” companies obviously have access to more, and better data. But how many of them have the right tools to make sense of this data and to use it effectively?  Lewis Carr: I would say very few. Most analytics and the systems supporting them are bolted onto systems that directly impact a corporation’s bottom line (think streamlining operations, i.e. supply chain management) or directly improve their top line (i.e. looking at what items customers – individuals and across demographics) have bought recen...