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IoT and supply chain visibility take on new scale

December 19, 2018 / Gary Forge

If you haven’t been watching closely, the Internet of Things (IoT) just got much bigger and supply chain visibility is the beneficiary. Now, we aren’t talking about the addition of another billion sensors in the past year. Instead, this is all about new data input devices building new IoTs that are truly on a very big stage. Typically, when it comes to IoT in the supply chain we’re talking about applications such as putting sensors on production machines and even lift trucks to monitor operating conditions. Upload that data to a network including the cloud and voila – mangers in the plant know what is really happening in real time. Data analytics and artificial intelligence add insight and even predictive capabilities. Suddenly, there is a major opportunity to manage the facility quite differently. 
As important as IoT is at that level, it’s nowhere near the same scale as some other supply chain visibility developments. Consider these three sce...