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Vodafone Launches 2019 Global Trends Report

November 26, 2018 / Ken Briodagh

Vodafone recently launched its 2019 Global Trends Report, highlighting customer centricity, ethics and purpose, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as key business priorities for the next 12 months. In line with the findings of the report, the refresh of Vodafone’s enterprise division brand – now called Vodafone Business – demonstrates the company’s renewed focus on putting customers and tangible business outcomes at its core, working with any organization of any size. “Our research has identified the key concerns, challenges and opportunities that businesses will face over the next year,” said Brian Humphries, CEO, Vodafone Business. “In an era of unprecedented change, the most important factor for businesses is customer centricity. Placing people at the heart of business is the trend we truly identify with and is core to Vodafone Business, running through all of our products and services, from technologies such as IoT and SD-WAN th...