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Mozilla and ThingsCon Create IoT Security Certification Mark

December 26, 2018 / Sue Walsh

The Trustable Technology Mark should help customers determine if IoT security needs of a device are in accordance with strict requirements. Mozilla and ThingsCon have teamed up to create an IoT security certification mark. The mark, called the Trustable Technology Mark, was launched in early December and is designed to assist customers in determining if a device was made with strict privacy and security features. The launch included proof of concept in two categories, toys and voice assistants. So far, one item in each category-a voice assistant from France called snips.ai and a German toy called Vai Kai-have qualified for the mark. See also: IIC’s IoT Security Maturity Model Helps Fine-Tune Spending  According to the companies’ announcement, in order to be awarded a Trustable Technology Mark, the device must be evaluated by five criteria: Privacy & Data Practices: Is the product designed using state-of-the-art data practices and respectful of user rights?