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Sophisticated IoT Attacks and Increase in Fake Apps to Dominate Threat Landscape: Avast

January 04, 2019 / DQINDIA ONLINE

Avast, the global leader in digital security products, announced the launch of its annual Threat Landscape Report, detailing the biggest security trends facing consumers in 2019 as collected by the Avast Threat Labs team. The Avast Threat Labs team sees roughly one million new files a day and prevents two billion attacks every month. This volume provides valuable insights into the most prevalent threats, as well as the ability to map trends to predict future attacks. Some of the key security trends that will evolve or continue to impact consumers in 2019 include: The Dawn of Adversarial AI We foresee the emergence of a class of attacks known as ‘DeepAttacks’, which use AI-generated content to evade AI security controls. In 2018, the team observed many examples where researchers used adversarial AI algorithms to fool humans. Examples include the fake Obama video created by Buzzfeed where President Obama is seen delivering fake sentences, in a convincing fashion.