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Impressions of IoT products at day one of CES 2019

January 07, 2019 / DutchNews

I’ve never really done a day-by-day diary of my CES journey, but let’s see how this works for those reading the site. Sunday is a media day for CES where the crowds are actually not too bad, and tech journalists gather in throngs at the Mandalay Bay convention space for press events from all of the bigger names in consumer electronics. In prior years this meant heading up an hour early to wait in line for the big events such as Samsung’s, just so you knew you could get in. This year, Kevin and I don’t care if we get into these events because we’re not journalists working on a daily deadline. We’re at CES to catch novel products and ideas, talk to people behind new products and services, and to see what crazy additions and practical features big names are adding to their smart home devices.