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NVIDIA debuts world's first commercial ‘Level 2+’ self-driving platform

January 08, 2019 / Ryan Daws

NVIDIA has announced DRIVE AutoPilot, the world’s first commercially-available ‘Level 2+’ self-driving platform. Debuted at this year’s CES, NVIDIA claims its groundbreaking platform integrates multiple AI technologies. The company believes the first self-driving vehicles to use it will go into production next year. ‘Level 2+’ means the car has automated driving features but requires constant supervision. The solution also brings more data into the car which vehicle manufacturers can use for a richer cockpit experience; with more insightful visualisations. Such powerful capabilities require a lot more computing power than is currently available in today’s vehicles. Rob Csongor, VP of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA, said: “A full-featured, Level 2+ system requires significantly more computational horsepower and sophisticated software than what is on the road today.