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Pindrop Launches Voice Identity Platform for IoT, Voice Assistants, Smart Homes and Offices, and Connected Cars

January 08, 2019 / Business Wire

-Pindrop®, the pioneer in voice security and authentication, today at CES 2019 announced the launch of its Voice Identity Platform to extend its proven enterprise-grade technology beyond the call center and into the Internet of Things (IoT), voice assistants, smart homes and offices, and connected cars. The company is bringing its proven proprietary Deep Voice biometric technology, trusted by eight of the ten largest banks and five of the seven largest insurance companies, to several new key market sectors. “Voice has emerged as the interface for more than 100 million consumer and enterprise devices, and yet customers lack the level of security, identity and trust that are offered by traditional channels,” said Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Co-Founder, CEO and CTO of Pindrop. ”Voice is the only interface that elegantly combines content, intent and identity allowing frictionless authentication at the same time as communicating at the speed of thought. Pindrop’s goa...