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Libelium Reveals 10 Tips to Make Your IoT Project a Success

January 09, 2019 / IoT.Business.News

Libelium is developing a report about the greatest challenges to address successful Internet of Things projects. The company publishes a decalogue of 10 tips revealing the most important barriers and difficulties that the market has to face nowadays. IoT projects require a great deal of planning, we want to present a decalogue of advice based on Libelium’s twelve years of experience as the beginning of a project to identify the main challenges of the market, to ensure its growth and success. 1. The IoT is cool but it has to be profitable. It is important to set an objective that pursues a clear return on investment, either in terms of cost savings or productivity improvements. Basically, the most profitable ROI is the one that accelerates innovation in the company, reduces time of commercialization of the products in the market or that reduces the cost of supply and development.