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How to enable a better business case through IoT

January 09, 2019 / Dr. Juan Nogueira Nine

A decade ago, predictions for IoT saw sensor connectivity in all aspects of our lives - billions of devices reshaping the very nature of technology’s interaction with the physical world. A decade later, while IoT advancement continues to move ahead at a healthy clip, development has lagged behind the bullish early predictions of many analysts. One significant factor underpinning a slower pace advancement is cost. Specifically, the cost needed to validate new systems and applications in the field. Traditional technology development in consumer electronics or network infrastructure often follows a clear line of innovation, a logical progression of ideas underpinned by the core concept of more: more speed; more memory; more pixels per square inch; more battery life; more appealing form factor. In most instances, “more” comes with a clear business case - valid sets of data to pull from in assessing which customers are likely to buy your product and why, and a basis for pr...