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How to Develop Secure and Interoperable IoT Solutions?

February 04, 2019 / CIOReview

Developing for the Internet of Things (IoT) is complicated, and multiple facets of the process often challenge developers. Development teams have to create highly secure and interoperable solutions while being innovative and creative. Security and incompatibility are the two most significant IoT issues. The devices must work efficiently across different ecosystems, and they must do it securely. Developing a solution for a particular ecosystem with distinctive ways of communicating and collecting information is possible but it limits the market potential and stops more innovative aspects of their solution from coming into the picture. Developers are capable of creating solutions for multiple ecosystems, but it jeopardizes the security. Computing and connectivity are cheaper now, and it is financially plausible for companies to make anything a part of IoT. However, it lacks the true vision of IoT. The devices should not just be connected, they must communicate. Starting from scratch is n...