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IoT Evolution Expo Town Hall Meeting: Let's Get Regulating

February 06, 2019 / https://www.iiotevent.com/news/articles/441138-iot

We had an incredible IoT Evolution Expo last week, and one of the highlights was our regulatory-focused Town Hall meeting. We talked about dozens of topics around the world of regulating telecom, IT and IoT infrastructure. Here is a little sample of what you may have missed. When it comes to IoT, people are developing solutions either to save money, make money or to comply with regulation. However much of the regulatory environment is trying to provide a framework for success in deployments. Speakers: Staci Pies, Senior Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel, Google Kristina Podnar, Digital Governance Consultant, NativeTrust Consulting Glenn Richards, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman Knowing how to apply regulations is tricky, the panelists said. “It's difficult to know what regulations should be imposed without knowing the benefits,” said Pies. “The benefits of connected technology are more than saving money, especially when you look beyond the ea...