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Semtech’s LoRa Technology Enabling Smarter Mining Solutions from Transco Industries Inc.

February 21, 2019 / IoT Business News

Small and durable LoRa-enabled sensors monitor data in real-time to prevent costly conveyor damage and fires. Semtech announced that Transco Industries, a leader in conveyor components, design, installation, maintenance, and repair, has implemented Semtech’s LoRa® devices and technology into its conveyor belt applications for safer monitoring while reducing operating costs. Jeff Brown, President and CEO at Transco Industries Inc., said: “Semtech’s LoRa Technology enables miners to remotely monitor conveyor belts, therefore reducing maintenance costs and helping to prevent belt failure.” “Previously, mine operations had to contract specialists to monitor factors like belt idler temperature and typically, this could cost hundreds of dollars per hour. With LoRa-based sensors, managers are able to do this themselves in real-time without the risk of human error.”