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Ursalink Provides Stable and Secure Internet Access for Video Surveillance in Server Room

March 14, 2019 / Ursalink Technology

Firstly, Ursalink UR51 keeps carry on its top-notch performance through PoE connection with Milesight IP camera; secondly, it delivers intelligence of high-speed Wi-Fi network for every hard-to-reach server rooms; thirdly, the edge wireless connectivity with UR51’s powerful capabilities allows quick troubleshooting online and receives timely respond without any delay. Meanwhile, the multiple encryption tunnels (VPN) and the 3G/4G/ETH backhaul connectivity will create a secure and stable environment for your data transmission. Beyond that, it will also empower your operational efficiency, gain visibility and verification of regulatory compliance. The integration of telematics technology will constitute the latest revolution for the remote server room monitoring and through which helps benefits of wireless connectivity exploited rapidly and will make field operation smooth and secure.