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Ursalink Integrates Intelligence into Cold Chain Industry

March 14, 2019 / Ursalink Technology

It is true that cold chain industry struggles to monitor cold condition in the shipment process. As a result, to meet the majority of demanding needs, wireless technology becomes an integral part and it takes some major steps forward. Therefore, with good knowledge of the benefits of wireless connectivity, Hua Tech System finds Ursalink to work out an IoT-based solution. To start with, the convergence of Bluetooth Sensor, Bluetooth Gateway and UR72 industrial cellular router will propose a complete wireless coverage for cold chain industry. Firstly, the Bluetooth sensor gathers data and transmits it to the Bluetooth gateway via the Bluetooth connection. Secondly, supporting Transparent/Modbus Gateway and featuring communication modules allow UR72 to transmit parameters received from Bluetooth gateway to the management system in real-time without deploying any wiring.